A Guide To Removing Stains And Discoloration In Inground Pool Vinyl Liners

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A Guide To Removing Stains And Discoloration In Inground Pool Vinyl Liners

Having a swimming pool in the vicinity adds a touch of aesthetic value to any property. Swimming pools remain open, therefore they are exposed to dust, residual materials, smut, and soot. This residual gives a shabby look to the pool.

Having a swimming pool is everyone’s dream, but maintaining its sparkling looks involves a lot of upkeep measures and cost. Many times, you might see stubborn stains and discoloration in your inground pool vinyl liner that brings down the aesthetic representation of the pool. However, it is not difficult to completely clean out these stains.

Inground pool vinyl liners, as well as those installed outside the pool, are prone to dirt and smug. The pool can also get easily stained by the continuous use of minerals and chemicals. It is essential to identify the types of stains present in the pool and take appropriate methods to clean them.

Types of stains
The inground pool vinyl liners are prone to three types of stains:

Stains from metals: In case the percentage of metals increases in the pool, stains might develop on the surface and the stairs. The solution that you use to clean the pool may release residual substances such as iron and copper. High percentages of copper algaecide in the pool water might leave blue-green stains. This problem can be prevented by maintaining the PH levels of the metals.

Organic material stains: As the name suggests, organic stains are caused by materials such as leaves, berries, and bits of twigs. The vinyl pool is exposed to such materials at all times. Practicing cleaning methods such as sanitation and filtration can aid in the removal of organic stains.

Chemical stains: Bleaching agents are widely used to clean pools and maintain the hygiene value. Bleach being a harsh chemical might leave stubborn stains on the inground pool vinyl liner.

How to prevent inground vinyl pool liner stains
In order to treat the stains on the vinyl pool liner, it is important to keep the PH level and the acidic value of the pool in check. Many times, simply adjusting the alkalinity of water can help in removal of stains. The PH levels should range between 7.5-100. The calcium levels should be maintained at level 200.

Generally, pool liner discoloration occurs because of the following reasons:

Presence of microorganisms
Use of cleaners containing acid
Untreated pool water
Natural/organic residue

It is recommended to always keep a check on the PH levels of the water in order to avoid staining of the pool liner.

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