Signs That You Have a Leaky Pool & Need Pool Repair Services

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Signs That You Have a Leaky Pool & Need Pool Repair Services

When was the last time you checked your pool for any damages or leaks? Not very recently, right? We, humans, tend to overlook the minor problems in our home installations until they turn major such as water level in the swimming pool. A change in your pool water level may indicate some serious damages in your pool such as water leakage.

So, if you notice some change in your pool’s water level, your pool might be leaking. The leakage of water can lead to major pool issues down the line. This is why pool leaks should be taken seriously, and thus you should immediately get pool repair services in Staten Island to fix the issue.

Our pool experts, at Fuggetta Pools, explain some of the most common signs of the leaky pool to help you know it’s time to call professional pool services in New York.

Lower water level – As already mentioned above, having a lower water level is one of the obvious signs that your pool is leaking. Yes, there are other reasons also that can cause low water level in the swimming pool. This includes evaporation that accounts for only one-quarter to one-half inch of water loss in a day, of course depending on the weather in your area. For example, the loss of water due to evaporation may go up to a half-inch during the hot summer days.

Another reason responsible for the low water level is the pool use and splashing. However, the loss of the water due to this is inconsistent, while a leak will be consistent. Every pool comes with a recommended water level line, which is usually half-way in the skimmer. It also has a water level indicator, such as decorative tile bordering in the pool. When the pool is not in use, keep a check on the water level in relation to this border.

Is there water on the floor or round in the pump area? If you notice water on the ground or floor in the pump area, this could be due to a leaking hose or bad impeller. Along with this, another sign that indicates a leak in the pump is the air in the intake portion of the circulation system. Even a waterfall or circulating fountain can also result in a similar problem. Therefore, you should regularly inspect the intake hose in pools and the skimmer. On noticing any issues in these areas, you should immediately call our professionals to keep your motor system and the pump in the best working conditions.

Presence of excessive water around the pool on the grass, decking and landscape area – Is there a lot of water around the pool on the grass, decking and landscape ares? If so, there may be a leak in the underground plumbing lines, which can cause water to escape into the soil. If left unrepaired, you may experience flooding and other problems down the line.

When it comes to installation of the swimming pool, it requires a lot of investment. Therefore, to avoid costly repairs or replacements, you should regularly maintain, inspect, and repair your swimming pool.

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