Tips for proper maintenance of your swimming pool’s vinyl liner

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Vinyl swimming pool liners make your pool look beautiful. These can be designed to custom fit any kind of swimming pool of any size. Although vinyl pool liners are pretty strong and durable, dirt, debris, and undissolved chemicals may accumulate on it over the years, eventually fading or deteriorating it.

A typical pool vinyl liner lasts between 10 and 15 years. However, there are many factors that affects the lifespan of your vinyl liner such as ground water level, water imbalance, and more. Minor repairs such as holes and tears are relatively inexpensive. But overlooking these minor repairs can often result in expensive swimming pool liner replacement.

Therefore, proper upkeep, repairs, and maintenance is required if you don’t want to replace your pool liner every couple of years. Replacing the pool liner is a significant investment. Regular maintenance ensures your pool liner stays intact and last long.

Following are a few tips that you must follow for proper maintenance of your vinyl pool liner:

Make sure to use a soft-bristle brush or sponge to regularly clean your vinyl pool liner and prevent dirt and debris from accumulating. Also, using harsh scrubbers such as steel wool and scratcher pads may cause scratches or holes in your pool liner.

It is essential to use the right cleaning tools to ensure your vinyl pool liner stays in top condition. It is recommended to hire professional assistance if you don’t have the time or tools for regular pool cleaning and maintenance.

Hire professionals for liner repair and maintenance if you notice any damages. It is recommended to conduct a visual inspection regularly so you can find any issues before they become major. It will help you avoid major repairs and extend the life of your pool’s liner.

It is essential to add chemicals to maintain the water chemistry in your pool. If the water chemistry is not well-balanced, it could lead to many problems such as the formation of chlorine crystals, calcium scaling, deterioration, and more. Make sure the chemicals are fully dissolved before adding them to your pool.

It is recommended to never drain your pool completely, as doing so may cause cracks in the liner. Therefore, make sure to maintain an appropriate level of water in your pool at all times to ensure your vinyl pool liner stays in the best condition for longer.

Proper upkeep and maintenance would keep your Vinyl swimming pool liners strong for a long time. If you need swimming pool liner replacement or maintenance services, get in touch with our team.

The Pros & Cons Of A Concrete Pool Installation

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Concrete pools are the popular choice of pool installations across the United States. When deciding on what kind of pool to get, it is crucial to know all the details that go into a pool installation since the process can take some time, and it is an investment. It is why at Fuggetta Pools, we make it a priority to inform our clients on all of their pool needs so that when they decide to get a concrete pool installation service in Staten Island, NY, they know what to expect. There are some pros and cons to getting a concrete pool installed into your home, and we have written this blog to inform our customers on them so it can help them with making the decision that is best for their property.

Advantages Of A Concrete Pool

Concrete pools are durable and are the leading choice for both residential and commercial pools.
Concrete pools are installed on-site so that design ideas are limitless so you can have the pool shape and design that you want since it is all built right on your property.
Since concrete pools are made with steel framework, they can maintain their shape for a long time.

Disadvantages Of A Concrete Pool

Concrete pools are built on-site since that is the case you need to wait for the concrete to cure. Which the process can take anywhere between 2-3 months from start to finish
Usually, swimmers tend to find the finish of a concrete pool to be abrasive, and sometimes their suites may snag while sitting on pool steps or benches.
Concrete pools in cooler climates can be affected by the cold weather and will usually require surface repairs about every 7-10 years.

The pool experts at Fuggetta Pools have over 35 years of experience in completing concrete swimming pool installation and construction services in Staten Island, NY. They are more than happy to help all their customers to go over the benefits and the process of having a concrete swimming pool installed into your property. We want you to be able to enjoy your pool and feel confident in the decision you made to have a pool installed since it is an investment. At Fuggetta Pools, we aim to give you peace of mind when you come to us for any of your pool concerns. Our pool experts are highly trained and will work closely with you to make sure that you are getting what you asked.

Fuggetta Pools is one of the leading concrete swimming pool construction services in Staten Island. When we take on a concrete pool job, we will make sure that we oversee every detail from the design, construction, and the finish, so by the time the summer rolls around, all you have to do is kick back and enjoy your brand new swimming pool. Call us today at Fuggetta Pools and see the type of services we can offer you, our team is waiting to help you so give us a call at (718)317-7665.

Planning To Install a Pool? Keep These Factors In Mind

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Who doesn’t want to take a dip into the cold water during a hot summer day? We agree, most of us can’t resist the urge to enjoy swimming in the summer season. It is one of the best things one can do in leisure time. Also, having a swimming pool in your backyard is an excellent way to save up on your gym membership expenses as well. No doubt about it, swimming is the best exercise for the whole body. Therefore, you can hire a reputed company providing inground pool installation services to make your dream of getting a pool in your home.

It is necessary to consider some crucial factors if you are planning to have a pool so that you can do all the right things needed.

Consider Cleanliness & Maintenance
The work doesn’t end after installing a pool. You have to take care of its maintenance and cleanliness also. You need to make sure if the circulation is proper, water is sanitized and clean, pumps and filters are running correctly. All in all, a swimming pool requires maintenance all year long. Also, hiring pool repair services is essential when something doesn’t work correctly.

Think Of How Your Family Will Use The Pool
Before constructing a pool, you need to analyze how your family will utilize the pool. List down the points that you want your pool to do. Is it for pool parties, exercise, or relaxation purposes? When you have a clear picture in your mind about the demands and needs you have from the pool, you can design your pool to meet those needs.

Keep In Mind Its Durability
You are going to use the pool for a long time. Thus, if you a durable pool, then construct your pool using concrete material. Concrete pools are much stronger, and it is best to choose them. However, concrete inground pool installation or construction can last long.

Consider Your Budget
Budget is a vital factor, no matter what type of construction you are going to make. First, set your budget for the pool installation. Also, keep some money aside for enhancing the pool surroundings. So, make budget plans keeping all these essential things in mind. Many pool building companies provide pool installation services within your budget. You can reach them.

Still, have some questions regarding pool installations? Fuggetta Pools has been installing inground pools and providing maintenance services for 35 years. You can contact us if you have any questions regarding the pool installation process.

The 3 Biggest Reasons Why It’s Important To Get A Quality In-ground Pool Installation In Staten Island

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Finding a company that offers expertly installed in-ground pools in Staten Island can be an arduous process. Especially when you’re not sure where to look. Since 1978, Fuggetta Pools has been taking away the hassle of in-ground pool installation in Staten Island residential and commercial pool owners. Any well-maintained pool is a pool that can last for years and years, but an in-ground pool can provide you with more than just years of enjoyment. In fact, there are both physical and financial benefits to owning your own in-ground pool. With that being said, it’s important to realize what those benefits are as well. Here are the 3 Biggest Reasons Why It’s Important To Get A Quality In-ground Pool Installation In Staten Island:

  • They can increase the value of your home. One of the many benefits to having your own in-ground pool is the fact that it can greatly increase the value of your home.
  • They are great for your daily workouts. You don’t need to hit the gym 5 days a week with an in-ground pool! In fact, many medical experts recommend swimming over weightlifting or hard running (which can be bad on your knees over time).
  • They make for a great backdrop and gathering place for parties. Imagine having your friends or family over for a party, and there’s a beautiful in-ground pool acting as the centerpiece of your yard. You can decorate around that pool, create “tropical themed” or other types of party settings with ease. All centered around the ambiance of your pool.

Did You Know?

Most people don’t realize the benefits to having their own in-ground swimming pools installed until they’ve actually educated themselves on their benefits. But don’t just take our word for it, even the experts over at HGTV tend to agree with us, as you can see from this statement from an online article of theirs. HGTV said about in-ground pools, “A permanently installed in-ground pool can add value to your home. It can also enhance your landscape by providing a water feature that creates a pleasing view from inside the house or from a patio or deck.”

The Thing Is…

It’s hard to understand the benefits to getting an in-ground pool installed at your home, until you’ve actually taken the time to do the proper research beforehand. There are a number of wonderful benefits that come with owning an in-ground pool. From the financial benefits (increased property value) to the physical and mental benefits of having your own pool to enjoy ANYTIME YOU WANT, having your own in-ground pool can be a life-changer for many people. If you’re thinking about getting your own in-ground pool, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the experts here at Fuggetta Pools today!

Get The Quality Pool Services You Deserve Today…

We know New York is one of the greatest cities in the world. We live here too! But sometimes? It can get a little stressed out there. It’s frustrating not being able to go for a swim in your own pool. Trust the experts here at Fuggetta Pools for any pool repair service in Staten Island, NYC or quality pool service in NYC. Don’t have a pool yet? Or are you looking to upgrade to something better? You can truly turn your house into a home with the addition of an In-ground Pool expertly constructed by Fuggetta Pools. Give our team a call today for one of our FREE In-home Estimates!

Planning a new pool installation? Here are the popular pool trends!

Trending inground pool features 2018

In the past, swimming pools were a thing of the summer season. However, that is not the case anymore. Today, people love to dive into the water throughout the year. They like to spend time in warm water during winters as much as they like to enjoy cool water during the hot days.
Pools are considered as a major spot to party with friends and family members while toasting a glass of champagne, especially inground pools. So it’s safe to say that pools are not just limited to swimming, they are extremely useful for socializing, lounging or perfect for indulging in some private relaxation time.
There is a reason that most homeowners not only prefer a new pool installation in Staten Island but also look for the latest pool trends to make a statement. Whether you’re planning to install a new pool in your backyard or want to update your existing, old-fashioned swimming pool, we have the most popular pool trends that you must look out for.
We live in a world of technology, so it’s time to ditch those basic backyard swimming pool designs and explore the latest pool trends that are exciting and fresh.
Dark finishes for the pools – Over the years, people have been choosing white and light blue for their inground pool finishes. However, these days, people are ditching those common colors and opting for pool finishes that are dark with a natural vibe and cutting edge style. Did you know that dark interior pools will not only work well with other features, but also reduce your heating costs? Yes, try it and see it for yourself!
Tanning shelves – Another popular pool trend you can consider for your new pool installation in Staten Island, is a tanning shelf. This feature is a must have for your inground pool if you and your kids want to simply hang in the shallow area of the pool. It is simply a wide ledge which allows for water about a foot deep, which is great for sunbathing or simply lounging and catching some rays.
Fire and water features – More and more people are requesting fire feature and water features for their pools. Watch as these features elevate your pool and transform your backyard oasis with the inclusion of a fire and water feature. Fire pits are becoming more popular than ever. By adding fire and water features you can enhance the aesthetic beauty of your pool and make it more fun.
Diving boards – Diving boards have been a classic feature in swimming pools from the middle of the century. These features can bring a lot of fun and enjoyment while you’re having a party with friends and family.
Mosaic tiles – If you’re looking for inground swimming pool with low-maintenance, nothing beats mosaic tiles. Most mosaic tiles are made from recycled ceramic or glass. Although it may cost you some extra investment, it will pay off in the long run, as mosaic tile is low-maintenance and will add flair to your pool that will elevate its look.

In conclusion
These are just a few of pool trends that you can consider for your new pool installation. However, you can also get customized pool service in Staten Island, which means you can get your swimming pool designed based on your personal needs and taste. There is always room for creativity when it comes to improving your home.
About us
Fuggetta Pools are one of the most trusted inground pool service providers in Staten Island, New York. We have been proudly serving various types of customers with pool installation and maintenance services for more than 35 years. If you’re looking for pool services in Staten Island, contact us at 718-317-7665.

Getting A New Pool Installation In Staten Island, New York

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Since 1978, Fuggetta Pools has been taking away the hassle of pool cleaning and maintenance service for residential and commercial pool owners throughout the New York City area. For decades, our loyal customers throughout NY have trusted Fuggetta Pools services for all of their pool care needs. So much so in fact, that a majority of our business comes from customer referrals. Whether you’re looking for new swimming pool installation, pool leak detection, inground pool cleaners, seasonal pool opening and closing, or pool repair from Brooklyn NY to Staten Island NY, Fuggetta Pools offers the best New Pool Installation in Staten Island, NYC.

Think About It…

For most homeowners, their pool is the centerpiece of their backyard. If you’re a homeowner with a pool or you’ve ever been in a pool ANYWHERE with your family, you probably know that a pool can often be a wonderful source of entertainment and relaxation for you, your friends, and your entire family. A backyard pool can help you beat the heat and relax under the sun within the confines of your own property. How cool is that? Being able to enjoy the life you’ve worked hard to achieve, all while being just a few feet away from your home at any given time.

  • Keep in mind however, it is very important for you to keep your pool clean and well maintained. While this may seem like an added burden or task, it’s really just a minor task for such a major source of fun and relaxation. Fuggetta Pools offers the best New Pool Installation in Staten Island, New York and can help make getting your new pool a seamless transition.

We know New York is one of the greatest cities in the world. But it can be frustrating at times to not be able to go for a swim in your own pool. Thankfully, you can trust the experts here at Fuggetta Pools for any pool repair service in Staten Island, New York or quality pool service in Staten Island, NYC. Fuggetta Pools offers the best New Pool Installation in Staten Island, New York and can help make getting your new pool a seamless transition. We offer so much more than that however. We can take care of any: pool installation, pool renovation, and more with our expert pool builders proudly based right here in the NY area. For over 35 years, Fuggetta Pools has been providing professional pool cleaning and maintenance services to our community. If you don’t have a pool yet, or you’re looking to upgrade to something better, what are you waiting for? You can truly turn your house into a home with the addition of an in-ground Pool expertly constructed by Fuggetta Pools. Call the quality pool service experts New York residents trust most today for your FREE In-home Estimate!

Finding A Truly Amazing Pool Service In Staten Island, New York

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Finding a great pool service in Staten Island, NYC can be an arduous process at times when you’re not sure about where to look. Since 1978, Fuggetta Pools has been taking away the hassle of Pool Repair in Staten Island, New York for residential and commercial pool owners throughout the New York City area. A well maintained pool, is a pool that will endure for years to come. Much like anything you may use on a regular basis, your pool equipment needs regular maintenance as well. Getting the help you need from a quality ,pool service in Staten Island, NYC can help turn any frustrating repair issue into a cooler situation. Our professional Pool Repair in Staten Island, NYC can service your swimming pool quickly and affordably. We also offer weekly pool service and annual contracts to all of our customers.

Here’s the thing…

Our team here at Fuggetta Pools is trained to assist with any number of issues that can and will occur with your pool. Over the years, any pool will unfortunately incur certain issues that will require a certain level of maintenance or repair. These maintenance or repair issues may include:

  • Filtration issues. Here at Fuggetta Pools, we can counteract that through the installation of the most up to date filtration systems. This will help keep your pool clean, safe, and ready to enjoy for all of your friends and family.
  • Water Chemistry issues. The chemical composition of your pool is a very important factor to consider before allowing yourself or anyone else to swim in your pool. If you’re not sure about the proper pH balance, here is some important information to remember: -On a scale of 1-14, the pH for your pool water should be at a 7 or above; anything below a 7 is acidic and possibly dangerous.
  • Equipment issues. Any equipment used in pools can malfunction. Whether it’s a ventilation system, water source, thermometer, or something else. Your pool equipment may malfunction and need repair or replacement over time. Fuggetta Pools can take care of that for you and get your pool up and running again in no time!

With proper maintenance, you can increase the lifespan of your pool and ultimately save yourself money. Having our professional pool maintenance team come in to regularly maintain the water chemistry, filtration systems and cleanliness can help keep long-term costs “way down” and the amount of summer fun you get to have “way up!” Don’t allow yourself to get taken advantage of by any pool repair service in Staten Island, NYC that claims to be great. Find yourself an expert that can provide you with the quality pool service in Staten Island, New York that you and your family deserve.

Don’t Wait To Get The Quality Service You Deserve!

We know New York is one of the greatest cities in the world. We live here too! But sometimes? It can get a little stressful out there. It’s frustrating not being able to go for a swim in your own pool. Trust the experts here at Fuggetta Pools for any pool repair service in Staten Island, New York or quality pool service in Staten Island, NYC. Give us a call today!

Don’t have a pool yet? Or are you looking to upgrade to something better? You can truly turn your house into a home with the addition of an Inground Pool expertly constructed by Fuggetta Pools. We can take care of any: pool installation, pool renovation, and more with our expert pool builders proudly based right here in the NY area. Call the experts New York residents trust most today for your FREE In-home Estimate.

Hottest backyard landscaping trends that you should try!

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Does your backyard need a makeover? Or are you looking for backyard landscape services for your newly constructed home? When it comes to installing and maintaining landscape, you know it takes a lot of money and time investment. And today, people don’t have enough time for weeding, pruning, and watering. This is why they look for backyard landscaping ideas that are not only affordable but also easy to maintain.

Each year, we invest tons of money on our home improvement systems to make your home look more stylish and appealing, and backyard landscaping is no exception.

If you also want to provide your backyard landscaping in Staten Island with much-needed care, you must try some of the hottest trends that are already taking over 2019.

Our landscape designing expert, at Fuggetta Pools, explains the top backyard landscaping trends that you should definitely consider.

Low maintenance and high-quality – As per the homeowners’ demand, a backyard landscaping trend that requires low maintenance and looks aesthetically appealing is one of the most preferred options. Would you ever purchase an item for your backyard that will go into the garbage with a month use? No, right? These low-quality investments are not only a waste of time but also a waste of money. The good news is that 2019 has encountered people investing in higher-quality furniture, fixtures and accessories for their backyard landscape. These high-quality items offer improved usage and longevity, and they are easy to maintain.

Privacy – Everyone loves some privacy in their homes. If you want to avoid awkward eye contact while strolling in your backyard garden, elaborate flower gardens, plant tall bushes and trees, or install a taller fence or privacy screen.

Staycation – What would be better than having a vacation in the backyard of your home? Today, homeowners want to create a tropical paradise in their own backyard that offers leisure and relaxation. This popular trend will help you avoid the stress as well as the travelling cost.

Therefore, to have a backyard destination “staycation,” you’ll need the following equipment.

  • Hot tub or swimming pool 
  • Patio or deck area 
  • Gazebo
  • BBQ
  • Outdoor sound system
  • Hammock
  • Outdoor fireplace
  • Fire pit
  • Outdoor bar 
  • Patio furniture set
  • Set of outdoor lights
  • Set of outdoor lounge chairs
  • Mini fridge area

Flawless impression – When it comes to backyard garden, it’s all about the first impression. It is great to make changes here and there, but each improvement should contribute in enhancing the overall layout and design of your backyard. This means whether you plant flowers, install new furniture or add few accessories, make sure they add a “wow factor” to the backyard. Therefore, before you make any improvement, you need to visualize how it will influence the overall aesthetics of your backyard.

Please remember

Whether you want to make small tweaks or major renovation in your backyard landscape, make sure it complies with both the New York Department of Buildings and the latest trends. 

Before you make any decision regarding your backyard landscaping, it is advisable to speak with the experts. At Fuggetta Pools, we house a team of experts that can help you choose the most suitable option for your backyard. Call us today! – 718-317-7665. 

Signs That You Have a Leaky Pool & Need Pool Repair Services

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When was the last time you checked your pool for any damages or leaks? Not very recently, right? We, humans, tend to overlook the minor problems in our home installations until they turn major such as water level in the swimming pool. A change in your pool water level may indicate some serious damages in your pool such as water leakage.

So, if you notice some change in your pool’s water level, your pool might be leaking. The leakage of water can lead to major pool issues down the line. This is why pool leaks should be taken seriously, and thus you should immediately get pool repair services in Staten Island to fix the issue.

Our pool experts, at Fuggetta Pools, explain some of the most common signs of the leaky pool to help you know it’s time to call professional pool services in New York.

Lower water level – As already mentioned above, having a lower water level is one of the obvious signs that your pool is leaking. Yes, there are other reasons also that can cause low water level in the swimming pool. This includes evaporation that accounts for only one-quarter to one-half inch of water loss in a day, of course depending on the weather in your area. For example, the loss of water due to evaporation may go up to a half-inch during the hot summer days.

Another reason responsible for the low water level is the pool use and splashing. However, the loss of the water due to this is inconsistent, while a leak will be consistent. Every pool comes with a recommended water level line, which is usually half-way in the skimmer. It also has a water level indicator, such as decorative tile bordering in the pool. When the pool is not in use, keep a check on the water level in relation to this border.

Is there water on the floor or round in the pump area? If you notice water on the ground or floor in the pump area, this could be due to a leaking hose or bad impeller. Along with this, another sign that indicates a leak in the pump is the air in the intake portion of the circulation system. Even a waterfall or circulating fountain can also result in a similar problem. Therefore, you should regularly inspect the intake hose in pools and the skimmer. On noticing any issues in these areas, you should immediately call our professionals to keep your motor system and the pump in the best working conditions.

Presence of excessive water around the pool on the grass, decking and landscape area – Is there a lot of water around the pool on the grass, decking and landscape ares? If so, there may be a leak in the underground plumbing lines, which can cause water to escape into the soil. If left unrepaired, you may experience flooding and other problems down the line.

When it comes to installation of the swimming pool, it requires a lot of investment. Therefore, to avoid costly repairs or replacements, you should regularly maintain, inspect, and repair your swimming pool.

Looking for reliable pool services in Staten Island, NY? Get in touch with our pool experts at Fuggetta Pools. Call at – 718-317-7665.

6 Budget Friendly Pool Renovation Ideas


Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to finally enjoy the pool.
But have you removed the fishnets yet and checked the condition of your backyard pool?

You might be surprised to see the number of cracks and accumulation of debris in the pool. Even though you did everything possible to keep it in a good condition, you failed terribly. And that’s evident from the condition of the pool.

Obviously, the condition of your pool is already in shambles and you do not want to escalate the situation by ignoring it. And if you have been thinking about pool renovations, this might be the right time for backyard pool renovations.

However, when it comes to pool renovations, it might seem like an expensive affair. But that’s not the case. If you choose the right contractor, you can save some money on pool renovations.

To help you, we have curated a list of some budget friendly pool renovation ideas.

Install LED lights in your backyard pool

Why not consider replacing the simple lighting with LED lighting? Giving this upgrade to your pool will not only add to the aesthetic value of the pool but also is an energy efficient option. Give your pool a modern and vibrant look by installing LED lights. There are a plethora of options  available in the market that you can choose from. This will surely be a great addition to your backyard pool. LED lights are a combination of convenience and pocket-friendly options.

You can install the LED lights below the water line or on the sidelines. Amplify your personal sense of style by installing lights of different colors and types.

Resurfacing techniques

This could be a little heavy on your backyard pool renovation budget. But you will surely not regret using this renovation technique. Enhance the overall look of your pool with the help of pool resurfacing.

If your pool surface is made out of plain plaster, you can upgrade it by using various other styles such as sea shells and stones. This will provide a very impressive look to your backyard pool.

Renovate the waterline tiles

Simply upgrading the water tiles installed in your backyard pool can make it look more contemporary. In combination with pool resurfacing, this will provide a complete 360 degrees makeover to the backyard pool.

As a matter of fact, the waterline tiles can chip off over time. This can make the pool look shabby and unkept. Thus, making this small change can have a great impact on the look of the pool.

Install the salt water system

This is the trendiest 2019 backyard pool style. Installing salt water systems in your pool will help you cut out on the chlorine bill every summer. All you have to do is simply add some salt to the water in your pool.

Go green

With the advancement in technology, various methods have been drafted that make the pool renovation process simple and cheap. Some of the methods are energy efficient and eco-friendly such as –

  • Speed pool pump
  • Solar panels
  • Solar water heating systems
  • Energy efficient water filters

Addition of modern features and equipment

As we all know, technology is ever evolving. There is an array of modern techniques that can be used to make the backyard pool renovation process quick, convenient, and affordable. From fixtures to tiles and gadgets, there are a number of methods that can help improve the condition of your pool.

Who are we?

We, at Fuggetta Contracting Corp, have been in the business of installing and excavating inground swimming pools for over 35 years. Our staff holds immense experience in providing pool excavation and installation services with precision and expertise.

We are a full service enterprise that has comprehensive solutions to all your pool problems. All you have to do is get in touch with us.