Top Signs Your Inground Vinyl Liner Pool Needs Repair

Top signs your inground vinyl liner pool needs repair

Most of the homeowners in the United States install vinyl liner swimming pools in their backyard due to various good reasons. However, even vinyl pools come with an expiry date. Usually, a vinyl pool can last for 12 years if it is cared and maintained properly.

Mostly pool liners don’t show any signs of wear and tear and damage during their lifetime. But, things such as weather conditions and pool chemicals can deteriorate the vinyl liner of the swimming pool, causing several problems. Well, replacing a pool is not easy on the pocket, it requires a huge investment.

Therefore, you must look out for the signs that tell you, it’s time to inground vinyl liner pool repair or replacement. Besides regular care and maintenance, once or twice in a year, your pool needs professional cleaning. You need to be very mindful while making your choice for pool installation and maintenance company. We, at Inground Pools by Fuggetta, offer reliable pool services and employs well-trained staff to complete the job.

Below are some of the signs that your inground vinyl liner pool needs repair.

Slippage, wrinkles, and stretching

If you any areas in your pool where the liner bead or the edge top slips out of the trail, and you can’t slide it back into position, this could be due to stretching or wrinkles. With time, your pool’s vinyl liners may lose a certain amount of elasticity, which makes it difficult to maintain the liner bead on track. Without the support of the track, your liner will sag. As a result, water drain from your pool causing wrinkles in the liner. Loose fittings on the skimmer and pump are the main evidence of dilapidation.

Deterioration and cracks

With harsh pool chemicals and UV rays, the vinyl pool liners tend to get damaged and deteriorate over time. For this reason, you need to check your pool regularly for signs of cracking or deterioration. For example, if you see fissures or cracks in several areas in your pool, there is a possibility it’s leaking. These cracks could have resulted from minute cavities in the cracks, which may be detectable with the naked eye. So, check the water levels every now and then or for a week.

Stains or fading

Fading in the pool is normal. This usually results from exposure to chemicals and sunlight, and a considerable amount of algae or rust stains are removal. However, if your pool suffers severe fading, it could be a sign of dilapidation. Although most of the latest liners available in the market are fading and disintegration resistance, they aren’t impermeable to them.

Lose of water

Although modern-day pool liners are tears and punctures resistance, it still happens. This is because, over time, the liner’s resilience is lost. To fix the water loss issue, you need to locate the cracks in the pool that is causing leakage.

The dripping of the water may cause pool walls to erode and wash away the sand beneath the pool, resulting in sinkholes. According to the experts, you need to get your liner pool repaired as early as possible before things become unmanageable.

Lastly, most people have this question whether to repair or replace the pool with problems. Well, that completely depends on various factors such as the age of your pool. For instance, if your liner is less than three years, it is better to consider inground pool vinyl liner repair than replacement. Do you need inground pool vinyl liner repair? Contact us – Inground Pools by Fuggetta – 718-317-7665.

Frequently made Errors To Avoid While Landscaping Your Backyard

Ingroun Pool Backyard

Many people like the idea of backyard landscaping but are not well aware of the techniques that go into it. They try their hand at landscaping but end up failing miserably. Owning a sprawling backyard is every homeowner’s dream. One can hire a backyard landscaping company in Staten Island for a well organized and modern backyard landscape.

If you wish to landscape your backyard, it is essential to know the basics. In order to be successful in maintaining and designing your backyard landscape, it is important to omit any errors. There is a lot of learning to be done before one jumps into the process of landscaping the backyard. Landscaping might seem a simple task but is very complex and requires a lot of attention to detail if you wish to avoid making any mistakes and cause a total landscape blunder.

It is recommended to perform detailed research online if you wish to mow your landscape on your own without professional help. If you wish to save time and employ budget-friendly services, it is best to hire a backyard landscaping company in Staten Island.

At Fuggetta pools, we give your backyard a complete makeover. Our team has years of experience in dealing with projects on backyard landscaping. Our experts are proficient in revamping your backyard landscape. Make your backyard look vibrant and modern with the services of our company. We merge with some of the finest craftsmen of New York to design the perfect landscape for you.

Below mentioned are the most frequently made mistakes that one should avoid while landscaping the backyard.

1#. Avoid installing plants around the foundation of the house: On the initial installation, the plants might look great and attractive but after some time, they might grow and take up a lot of space. It is essential to perform a check on the growth of the plant and determine its dimensions so as to place it at a desirable position. You can choose from a variety of options such as the dwarf shrubs and trees to manage space on the foundation of the house.

2#. Installation of ground covers: Ground covers are helpful in keeping a check on the growth of weed and other unwanted plants in the backyard. People make the mistake of selecting the wrong type of ground covers for their backyards and pools. It is recommended to opt for a flexible ground cover that provides maximum coverage to control the growth of weed.

3#. Wrong plant positioning: This mistake might seem simple but plays a major role in determining the overall look of the backyard landscape. It is essential to rightly position the plants in your backyard. Consult a backyard landscaping company in Staten Island for useful insights on plants management and positioning.

We, at Fuggetta Pools, give 100% attention to client needs and try to induce maximum customer satisfaction. If you wish to get your backyard landscaped, our expert craftsmen will guide you through the whole process. We produce innovative designs to revamp your backyard.

Things To Consider During Backyard Pool Renovations In Staten Island

5 Ideas For Backyard Landscaping

Having a pool in the backyard of your vicinity is everybody’s wish. It not only uplifts the aesthetic quality of any surrounding but also adds another element to overall surroundings. Along with installing a pool in your backyard, comes the added responsibility of maintaining it and keeping it neat and clean at all times. After prolonged use, the backyard pool might require renovation in Staten Island.

The pool might suffer minor wear and tear which needs to be repaired in time to curb the progression of further problems. When considering getting the backyard pool renovated, it is essential to hire a professional company who have the required experience and expertise in performing the renovation rituals at genuine prices.

Summers are approaching, and who would not want to take a dip in the coll pool water to relax? Maybe now is the right time to get the backyard pool renovated and be prepared to take a splash.  

At Fuggetta Contracting Corp., we carry more than 35 years of experience in imparting inground pool and various other services to our clients. We draft your home and lifestyle dreams into reality and make sure that we induce 100% customer satisfaction in our services.

Below mentioned are the top things to consider during backyard pool renovation in Staten Island

#1. Check the company’s goodwill: Before hiring any professional company for renovation of the backyard pool, it is important to inquire about its goodwill and reputation in the market. Ask the renovation company as many questions as you want. Talk to the previous clients and get acquainted with the company’s method of working. You can also go for recommendations.

#2. Identifying the repair areas: It is essential to highlight the repair areas before zeroing in on a renovation company. You can discuss inquire the issues that you are experiencing with the pool and the way you want to get it repaired. There could be many areas of consideration in case you have not got repairs done in a few years. Thus, it is vital to acknowledge the repair areas and discuss it with the professionals.

#3. Inquire about previously performed tasks: Ask the renovating company about the tasks performed previously. You can ask the company for pictures of the previously performed task and the experience that they carry in dealing with such contracts. A reliable vendor will not hesitate from sharing previously performed tasks and talking in detail about the same.

#4. Keep a check on the materials being used: You do not want the contractor using substandard materials while renovating the backyard pool. Be responsible and keep a check on the quality of the materials being used in the renovation process.

#5. Safety concerns: Safety should form the top most priority while performing renovation tasks. Check that the vendor opts for appropriate electricity and lighting designs to avoid any mishaps.

Are you looking for a backyard pool renovation company in Staten Island? Consult the experts today!

A Guide To Removing Stains And Discoloration In Inground Pool Vinyl Liners

Vinyl Pool Liner

Having a swimming pool in the vicinity adds a touch of aesthetic value to any property. Swimming pools remain open, therefore they are exposed to dust, residual materials, smut, and soot. This residual gives a shabby look to the pool.

Having a swimming pool is everyone’s dream, but maintaining its sparkling looks involves a lot of upkeep measures and cost. Many times, you might see stubborn stains and discoloration in your inground pool vinyl liner that brings down the aesthetic representation of the pool. However, it is not difficult to completely clean out these stains.

Inground pool vinyl liners, as well as those installed outside the pool, are prone to dirt and smug. The pool can also get easily stained by the continuous use of minerals and chemicals. It is essential to identify the types of stains present in the pool and take appropriate methods to clean them.

Types of stains
The inground pool vinyl liners are prone to three types of stains:

Stains from metals: In case the percentage of metals increases in the pool, stains might develop on the surface and the stairs. The solution that you use to clean the pool may release residual substances such as iron and copper. High percentages of copper algaecide in the pool water might leave blue-green stains. This problem can be prevented by maintaining the PH levels of the metals.

Organic material stains: As the name suggests, organic stains are caused by materials such as leaves, berries, and bits of twigs. The vinyl pool is exposed to such materials at all times. Practicing cleaning methods such as sanitation and filtration can aid in the removal of organic stains.

Chemical stains: Bleaching agents are widely used to clean pools and maintain the hygiene value. Bleach being a harsh chemical might leave stubborn stains on the inground pool vinyl liner.

How to prevent inground vinyl pool liner stains
In order to treat the stains on the vinyl pool liner, it is important to keep the PH level and the acidic value of the pool in check. Many times, simply adjusting the alkalinity of water can help in removal of stains. The PH levels should range between 7.5-100. The calcium levels should be maintained at level 200.

Generally, pool liner discoloration occurs because of the following reasons:

Presence of microorganisms
Use of cleaners containing acid
Untreated pool water
Natural/organic residue

It is recommended to always keep a check on the PH levels of the water in order to avoid staining of the pool liner.

Are you looking for professionals for removing stains and discoloration in inground pool vinyl liners? Contact Fuggetta Pools.

3 Best Ideas To Enhance Your Pool Landscape

backyard landscape

Got a pool installed in your abode but not sure about the enclosing backyard landscape? Maybe it’s time to give your pool backyard landscape a spin and make it aesthetically appealing.

Getting a pool installed in your backyard can be an exciting idea. Having a pool in the backyard is everyone’s desire. It is a great option when you want to just laze around in your personal pool in the privacy of your vicinity.

When you decide to enhance your pool backyard landscape, there are various things that you need to keep in mind. You have to decide on the design of the pool, the area to be improved, and the aesthetic elements to be installed.

It is always a good idea to to induce some extra elements in the surrounding areas of your pool to make it visually appealing. It will help in accentuating the water and creating a mesmerizing environment.

Make your dull and boring pool backyard come to life with the landscaping services of Fuggetta Pools. We are an eminent pool contracting company who are committed to delivering the best landscaping and pool services to our clients.

With an experience of over 35 years, you can trust us with our services. Our experts are well trained in imparting pool services such as cleaning, renovating, and repairing of commercial as well as residential pool settings

Below mentioned are the top three ideas one can use to beautify and lift the look of a pool backyard landscape.


Selecting plants for your pool backyard can be a very time consuming and tricky task. Pay special attention on the type of plants you choose. Remember that is you choose plants that are taller in height, the might shed leaves and drop debris in your pool making it dirty and filthy.

It will require a lot of cleaning time and attention. Always select plants that are shorter in size and can be easily planted. Do a full fledged research on the best plants, trees, and shrubs that can survive in a pool backyard setting an require less maintenance and care. Also, remember to place them in such a way that they help in lifting the overall look of the backyard.

Installing succulents

Installing succulents are a great option when it comes to the beautification of pool backyards. In combination with other plants, it can create a luxurious and appealing look. It is recommended to select plants that are free of spines as they can be harmful for children running around.

A wide variety of succulents come without spines and are generally smaller in size. If you wish to install large succulents in your backyard, it is best to plant them behind a defined border.

Ornamental Plants

This option is very low maintenance it is just an artificial element that you can add to your backyard to lift the entire look of the setting. Examples of ornamental grass are rush, Korean grass, and bamboo.

We, at Fuggetta Pools, are well equipped with all amenities that you require for your pool maintenance. All you have to do is give us a call. Our experts are available to impart you the best services. For more information visit

Why is inground vinyl liners swimming pool most effective?

inground vinyl liners swimming pool

If you’re planning to install a swimming pool in your backyard this year, you must consider the inground swimming pool that comes with vinyl liners. They make an excellent choice for homeowners who are busy most of the times. Before you make a decision, know why vinyl liners pool is most effective.

Affordable – When it comes to installing a swimming pool, it is a big investment. Generally, only the initial installation cost is high, and later it requires little on regular maintenance to run smoothly and look appealing. However, as compared to concrete or fiberglass pools, vinyl liner pools are less expensive because they need few materials to make them stable.

Easy maintenance – Of course, vinyl liner swimming pools require maintenance but not much. Depending on the landscape and the number of trees in the yard, some of the vinyl pools usually require more vacuuming than others.

However, if your budget allows, you can hire a professional to do that also. Or you can choose to install a salt water generator, which helps in converting the salt into chlorine. Hence, this will eliminate the need for chemicals. Also, eradicate the burning sensation that you feel with heavily-chlorinated pool.

Less expensive and less time taking repairs – For instance, if your fiberglass or concrete pool suffers a breakage, you’ll need extremely expensive repairs. On the other hand, vinyl swimming pool liners can be quickly and easily repaired if it gets a tear. Most vinyl pools can last for 10 to 20 years without having to replace one.

Variety of designs – These pools are no longer limited to the basic rectangles once they were. Nowadays, vinyl pools are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes and can be customizable to fit your pool. You also have various options to choose in terms of patterns, colors, and thickness.

Warranty – While installing a swimming pool in your backyard, you need to have the reassurance of a warranty that comes along. Since it is a great investment, so you must look for a warranty. Fortunately, almost all vinyl liner pools come with warranties from the manufacturer as well as the installer.

There is no better addition to your home than inground swimming pool with vinyl liners: they are affordable, durable and customizable. Want to install inground vinyl liners swimming pool? Contact They are the leading consultant of an inground swimming pool in New York.

Vinyl Liner Inground Pool: Common Installation Mistakes

Vinyl liner inground pool

If you’re considering to install a new pool in your backyard, nothing matches the beautiful luster and soft feel of a vinyl pool liner inground. It is treated with chemicals so that it can last in water for a longer time and not fade quickly but maintain the color of the inside pool.

Often people make several mistakes while buying or installing vinyl pool liner inground.

In this article, we will cover the common mistakes you can avoid when buying or installing your vinyl pool liner.

Given below are the common mistakes to avoid while building a vinyl liner pool building:

Pool drilled too deep – Many pool builders believe that it is better to drill a pool a few inches deeper than the specified depth to make the liner stretch.

They do this to ensure that there are no wrinkles in the pool. However, by constructing a pool like this, you will reduce the life of the liner. So, install the liner as recommended by the manufacturer to ensure that the pool last as long as possible.

Pool not dug deep enough – On the other hand, many pool builders try to cut several corners to avoid a buck here and there. There are many builders who will tell you that the material used under the liner is not structural.

But this is not the truth, according to the liner manufacturer’s specification, a minimum of 2 inches of vermiculite and Portland cement should be installed for proper support to the liner.

Not letting the backfill to settle properly – Of course, we all want to get into our newly built pool as soon as possible, but you need to have some patience to let your vinyl liner inground pool to settle properly.

Usually, a vinyl liner pool needs to be dug 2 to 3 feet deeper than the actual size of the pool it requires some time to properly set the braces and walls and then concrete them in. If concrete them before it settle down, it will lead to crack and heave.

Oversizing the circulation pump – Although installing an oversized circulation pump is helpful in properly circulating and filtering the pool water, your plumbing will be undersized. Forcing too much water through the pipe will result in overworking the pump, which will shorten its life.

Undersizing the filter – Another mistake while installing a vinyl pool is an undersized filter. It is important to install a filter that will have gallons per minute going through it.

Failing to pour concrete thick enough – As most of the vinyl liner inground pools are constructed with Aluminum Coping, so, many of the builders pour only 2 ½” thick concrete, which is not thick enough. If your pool’s concrete is too thin, it will crack in very less time.

If you install your vinyl pool liner inground properly, you will have a long duration of enjoyment. To install a vinyl liner pool in your backyard, contact

Top 5 Ideas For Backyard Landscaping in Staten Island

5 Ideas For Backyard Landscaping

The backyards with multifunctional extensions are considered the best backyards. They are the place to relax, unplug, play and entertain. However, the problem is that the majority of backyards are underutilized.

As leading experts of backyard landscaping in Staten Island, we advise the homeowners to consider their backyard as another room and utilize the space by decorating and furnishing it. One of the best ways to utilize the backyard is by installing an inground pool. When installed properly along with the hardscapes, the backyard renovations last as long as the home.

A fireplace in the backyard adds a bit of warmth. With the right design, a fireplace can make your yard the place where people come together and spend time.

The placement of the fireplace depends upon the size of the yard, style and how you want to better your outdoor space. Addition of fire feature to the yard also offers two new enhancements: you will be able to cook food and the fire will serve as a natural insect repellent.

An inground pool is always a good choice. Depending upon the size of your yard and style, there are a variety of water features that can be added. Many homeowners opt to build a pool resembling the oasis.

A Mediterranean theme of pools is also in trend. A pool will make sure that you can have people over in summers as well as winters. The water features will make you pool the focal point of your yard and give it an oomph.

Think Green
No pool or backyard is complete without the addition of plants. From adding a simple green wall to creating a garden with the theme, adding a living element to the yard is a necessity. While the majority of backyards already have plants added, however, you can also create planter boxes or use the retaining wall as one.

One of the styles in trend is the addition of color to the yard. Color blocks are crafted in such a way that they complement the house as well as the yard. You can choose the color that is similar to your garden space.

Many homeowners also paint the planter boxes in a variety of colors. If your yard has a pool, try and ass lighter shades. If you are painting the paving, make sure you use the color that heats up less in the sun and keeps the paving cool.

Think Big by Thinking Small
Remember a great backyard does not come with spending a lot of money. It comes with using small and good ideas to create something big. From installation of a simple footpath to a patio installation, right investment at the right place is the thing you need to make your yard the peaceful place you want it to be.

Think of adding pool and water features to your backyard? Directly call our experts! At Fuggetta Pools, we offer expert and on time pool services for backyard landscaping in Staten Island.

How to Remove Excess Water From Your Inground Pool

How to Remove Excess Water From Your Inground Pool

Owning an inground pool means enjoying the summers in your backyard swimming. However, the current weather brings in rains every day and many clients have called us to say how their pools are filled with the excess water. As a leading pool cleaning service in Staten Island, we make sure that the pools are properly maintained.

In the rainy weather, if the pool is left uncovered, the problem of excess water is quite common. Thus, it comes necessary to drain the swimming pool. Along with that, there are a few more times when the water needs to be drained especially for maintenance purpose, to prepare for next season or to remove the old water.

Three main questions:
Before you go start removing the water, there are three questions you need to answer:

  • If you live in a place with high groundwater.
  • If you don’t know what kind of a pool you have.
  • If you don’t know what type of equipment is installed in your swimming pool.


Things that you need to remove the excess water from the pool
The removal of excess water from the pool requires professional help. Doing this yourself without any prior experience can result in damage to the pool. However, if you have an emergency and have to do this yourself, our expert mentions the following steps that you will require to do so:

Three main factors
Before you begin the draining, there are three things that you should do:

Shut off the return lines
The water present in the pool usually circles back in the pool through the filter. When you shut off the return valve, no more water would circle back in. When you shut the return lines, make sure you open the waste one. If your pool has a sand filter, then make sure that you have switched off your pump.

Make sure that no air is sucked in the drainage line when the water gets low. If air gets in the pump, it will lose power and the water won’t be able to flow.

Dispose of the water rightly
There are places that prohibited by the government to dispose of the pool water. The right way to dispose of the water is through the sewer of your property. The sewer cleanout is usually located near the house or on a wall. Make sure to contact the local authorities and know the right place to dispose of the water.

Want to know more about inground pool liner and its maintenance? Consult Fuggetta Pools. They are the leading inground pool experts for the last 35 years in the country.

Vinyl Liner Pools: What You Should Know About Pool Liner & Their Qualities?

swimming pool vinyl liners nyc

A swimming pool is an element that lasts a long time when properly taken care of. The current swimming pools are the vinyl liner pools. The high-quality vinyl liner pools last long and only require the change of liner after a few years.

The experts at Fuggetta Pools work with numerous homeowners to better their pools and pool aesthetics.

If you already have an inground pool here are a few things you should know about it:

New liner gives a new look
A new pool liner is an investment along with an opportunity to give you inground pool a much need facelift. In the market, there are a variety of patterns and color options.

The liner can create a range of themes and moods for your liner pool. There are a variety of complex mosaic patterns, simple tile designs and more. You can also opt for the tile border at the top edge of the pool.

The pattern and the color of the liner plays a big role in the color of the pool water. The color of the water you choose outside might not be how it will be actually reflected in the filled pool.

Along with the pattern and color, you will also have to choose the thickness of the liner. The thickness of the liner is to be measured in the gauge units which ranges between 20-27 ml or 30-20 gauge. Our experts will work with you to help you decide the right liner for your pool.

What are the qualities of a good pool liner?
The top quality pool liner can be easily placed in the pool without having any gaps on the sides. The liner will also be created without any seams. Do not but a liner with seams. It makes the pool look older than it is. The aging of the lining affects the pool too as the dirt gets trapped making the liner visible along with making the pool dirty.

Other improvements to upgrade the pool
Pool liner is an investment. When you are changing the liner, you can also opt to add other improvements such as lights, decking and more. Many homeowners also opt to add many functional improvements to make the pool easier for seniors and kids.

Maintenance of new liner
To maintain the new pool liner, try and vacuum your pool at least once a week. Clean the interior walls with the brush to remove the film that gets there due to body oils and other products. This maintenance needs to be made regularly.

Thinking of adding vinyl liner pools and pool liner in your home? Directly call our experts! At Fuggetta Pools, we offer expert and on time pool services along with the installation of hot tubs.