Find and Fix a Leaking Pool (Effects, Causes, Detection, and Repair)

How to repair a leaking pool?

Your pool definitely loses some water every day in different ways such as evaporation, splash-out and backwash wastewater. But if you’re adding more than two inches of water per week, probably your pool is suffering from leakage that needs to be fixed.

Pool leaks can occur both in or outside your pool. It is usually caused by underground cracked piping. If the damage is too much that it needs professional assistance, you can hire a recognized pool leak repair company.

Causes of pool leak

The possible causes of pool leak usually depend on theq type of in-ground pool.

In a concrete pool : When it comes to durability, concrete pools are the best. A crack in the surface can occur because of a hit with a heavy and sharp object or due to age, decorative tiles may get separated from the surface, or fittings can become detached. All these problems lead to pool leaks.

In a fiberglass pool: A fiberglass pool can last over 25 years, so it is dependable construction to choose. As the sand surrounding the pool becomes saturated, it results in a crack in the plumbing.

A vinyl pool: Vinyl pools are likely to get leaked with the tears in the lining. When a sharp object hits the side of the pool, a crack can easily appear, resulting in significant water waste.

Fixing a pool leak

Here are the guidelines for repairing pool leaks depending on the type of pool:

Repairing concrete swimming pool

  •  Use a concrete grinder to cut a dovetail crack out half an inch deep and extend its length one inch on both ends.
  •  Wash the crack, and once it dries, wipe off the settled dust.Apply sealer on the crack.
  • Blend the patch with bonding additive.
  • Apply the mixture, over the moisten edges of the crack.
  • Remove the excess material, and fill the pool with water.

Fiberglass swimming pool

  • Disk sand the area around the crack and clean it with acetone.
  • Apply a bonding additive and let it dry.
  • Catalyze polyester putty and apply to the crack.
  • Once the putty dries, sand the area smooth.
  • Apply masking tape and a gel coat.
  • Lay down a cloth of fiberglass over the repair area.
  • Let it dry and sand the surface.

Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool

  • Clean the leaking area and lightly sand it.
  • Cut a round-shaped vinyl patch material slightly larger than the crack.
  • Apply special vinyl glue to the crack and patch you have cut.
  • Press the patch onto the crack and rub it to avoid any air bubble.
  • Check the patch edges every 5 minutes or half an hour and smoothen them out.

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Incredible Health Benefits Of A Salt Water Pool

Incredible health benefits of salt water pool

Over the past few years, saltwater pools are increasingly gaining in popularity, not just among resorts and hotels, but also among homeowners. Even people having traditional chlorinated pools are also swapping their pools with saltwater pool.

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A saltwater pool is not just limited to a relaxing place to take a splash. But also has numerous health benefits from releasing your stress levels to soothing your skin.

Although saltwater pools also require the use of chlorine to disinfect and sanitize the water, they are the best matched for people looking for something different from the average traditional swimming pool. Here are some of the health benefits associated with saltwater pool:

Best for the skin – The presence of chlorine in the traditional pool can make your skin itchy and dry after a swim. On the other hand, saltwater is actually best for your skin.

As per the research, salt water not only blesses you with smoother and softer skin, but it also helps with skin disorders including psoriasis, acne, and eczema. Saltwater also works as a natural exfoliator and moisturizer, increasing the ability of the skin to preserve water.

Anti-stress properties – If we are more stressed, our bodies will also have less capacity to function properly. Salt water helps to stimulate the natural relaxation process of our body causing us feeling refreshed after a swim.

Substitute of the gym – Exercise plays an essential role in maintaining our overall health. Swimming in a saltwater pool is almost equivalent to the workout in a traditional gym.

Swimming is one the best workouts because you’re combating the flow of the water with every stroke, pushing your body to burn more calories than you would burn with gym exercises. If you swim in a salt water pool, it will help you to focus on your breathing, which we often forget while we’re trying to put down calories in the gym.

Harmless on the joints
As compared to the traditional chlorinated pool, swimming in a saltwater pool is healthier for the muscles and joints. Salt water has bromide, a mineral that helps in getting rid of daily soreness, pains, and aches we all feel within our muscles and joints.

No Side-Effects
Many of the people are chlorine sensitive and have breathing issues when they’re swimming in the traditional chlorinated pool. Also, chlorine cause irritation and redness in the eyes because of the chemicals present in it.

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Tips To Maintain A Clean And Healthy Swimming Pool

Tips to maintain a clean and healthy swimming pool

Lack of swimming pool maintenance can yield a variety of non-appealing conditions such as broken filters, green water, algae build-up and many more. And, no one wants to swim in an ugly looking pool. Pool maintenance is not as burdensome as it might seem.

Different pools need different types of maintenance but the basic rule for a clean pool is the same, regular care. No matter if you depend on a service company to maintain your pool, but still there are few things you need to do by yourself to make sure your pool remains in good condition for years.

Here are some of the important tips to keep your pool clean and healthy. They include:

  • Scoop off debris and clean out baskets

Scooping off the surface of the pool in every few days is one the easiest and fastest ways to keep your pool in good condition. Eventually, floating debris will sink in the pool and become harder to take it off.

Make use of long-handled net known as leaf skimmer or hand skimmer to remove bugs, leaves and other waste things. Skimming also improves the efficiency of the pool’s circulation system and reduces the amount of chlorine you add to the pool.

  • Brush the tiles and walls, and vacuum the pool

Vacuuming your pool every week not only keeps the water clear but also reduces the amount of chemical used in the pool. Along with vacuuming, brushing the walls and tile helps reduce calcium deposits and algae buildup so they don’t flourish and create larger problems.

  • Clean the pool filter

As there are three different types of pool filters such as sand, cartridge and diatomaceous earth so, the maintenance procedures are also different for each type. Usually, a pool with mild dirt is more efficient as compared to a clean pool.

  • Professional service the heater

Usually, pool heaters are the least required maintenance of all other pool equipment. Gas heaters can work for years without being serviced and electric heaters can even go longer. Sometimes, calcium build-up can cause several problems in pool heaters, so it should be serviced.

  • Maintain the water level and PH level

Much of the water gets lost throughout the swimming season mostly because of evaporation, splashing, swimming, and exiting the pool. Whenever you scoop off debris with your skimmer, do make sure to check the water level. It shouldn’t drop below the level of the skimmer, or else the pump could be damaged.

Pool water should be regularly checked to make sure that water is clean and healthy. pH is a measurement of alkalinity or acidity numbering from 0 to 14. A measurement between 7.2 – 7.8 is the most suitable because this range is best for swimmers and helps chemicals to work the best.

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5 Things You Should Try & Avoid With Your Inground Pool Liner

swimming pool cleaners

Every homeowner wants their inground pool liner to last for a long time. But between nature and the pool chemicals, a pool liner has little chance to survive for a long time.

Sunlight, acid rainfalls and failure to maintain right chemical are the main culprits behind the ever fading and cracking pool liner. But what homeowners ignore and our experts work hard to make them understand is that some of the problems can be easily solved.

Our experts perform regular maintenance along with regular calcium and water pH check which increases the life of the pool liners and also keeps the pool ready for use. Usually, an inground pool liner has a life of 10-15 years but not taking care of it properly can reduce it too. If you want your pool liner to stay healthy for at least 12 -13 years you need to take good care of it. Our pool liner experts have curated top 5 things that you should avoid with your pool liner:

Avoid swimming with sharp or rough surfaced objects
Avoid taking any sharp thing with you in the pool. The things with the sharp and abrasive surface will get your liner ripped or scratched. Along with that if you are cleaning the pool liner, make sure that you are extra careful. Extreme friction can not only rub or scratch the pattern but will also decrease the life of your liner.

Avoid taking pets in the pool
Another thing that is common and due to which the liner suffers the most are the pets. No matter how much you love your pets, their sharp claws can tear, scratch, and even put holes in the pool liner. Even if you cut the nails of your pets regularly, you should not let them in the pool.

Avoid extreme use of chemicals
Extreme use of the chemical in the pool water is another culprit of cracking and brittle pool liner. High chlorine levels or low pH of water can cause the pool liner to bleach out or wrinkle.

Avoid low water levels
With the inground pools, it is necessary that you maintain the right level of the water. Low water level can make the pool liner relax and slip. The pool liner will also be open to sun damage. Thus, it is necessary that you maintain right water levels to prevent your liners to crack or stretch.

Avoid Not using a pool cover
Pool covers were created to protect your pool from your backyard waste. It also works to protect the liner from the sun and UV rays which can shorten the life of the liner.

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Top 4 benefits of Owning A Hot Tub And Spa

Top 4 benefits of owning a hot tub and spa

One of the best things to have to unwind after a long and stressful day is to enjoy hot tub and spa. If you are a person who loves relaxing in his/her home and wants a quality soak time, hot tub and bubbling spa is the way to go. The majority of homeowners that want to add a hot tub in their home look for a variety of reasons.

Here are the top 4 benefits of owning a hot tub and spa:

#1. De-stress
Try to remember the last time you spent your time destressing in the hot tub. Wasn’t it magical? We think that it is the feeling of relaxation that helps us getting de-stressed. Turns out there is a scientific reason behind it. The warm bubbly water of hot tub reduces the physical stress by relaxing the muscles.

The heat of the water improves blood circulation, lowers blood pressure and leaves the body in a state of tranquility. Along with that relaxing in the hot tub is also good for the mind.

If you want a quality time with yourself, try reading a book or cuddling up with your significant other.

#2. Muscle Relief
Unwinding in hot tub and spa is as good as having a personal masseuse. A quality hot tub has the feature of minutely controlling the intensity and type of massage. From reducing the tightened chronic muscle pain to loosening the muscles and relieving the body of tension, hot tub works in various ways. The pulsating jets massage the body and provide comfort throughout the body.

#3. Health benefits
Along with its aesthetic benefits, the hot tubs are known to help with certain ailments such as diabetes, arthritis, and insomnia. They also relieve the pain and deepen the relaxation. The warm water decreases the inflammation and swelling of the joints. You can even opt to perform various stretching exercises in the warm water to relieve the symptoms. The exercises are especially beneficial for the senior citizens.

#4. Socialize
Hot tubs and spas are known to attract friends and family. The hot tubs make sure that the loved ones are able to socialize and have fun in each other company rather than stay on their phones. Along with socializing with friends and family, hot tubs create the right environment for a romantic evening.

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How Inground Pools Boost The Overall Appeal of A House?

How Residential Pools Boost The Overall Appeal of A House?

The home is the most valuable and prettiest asset we own and this is the reason we leave no stone unturned when it comes to magnifying its beauty, charm, and comfort.

What is that one thing that adds all the three along with a lot of happiness? What is that one thing that makes a home go from ‘cool’ to ‘supercool’?

What is that one thing that makes people come to your place over and over again? Yes, you guessed it right! It is nothing but the pool of your house and if you haven’t got one, it’s time to contact the Inground Pool Service provider so that you can enjoy the following benefits.

Great Pleasure
Great pleasure is assured when you will be having a pool inside your home. You do not need to take out your car, travel in the traffic to reach the pool as all you gotta do is get out of your bed and jump in! Wow! Doesn’t this assure you a complete pleasure?

Great Family Time
A great family time is assured when you will be spending time in the pool and relaxing with your family members and friends. When you are inside the pool, you are at your mental best and happiness just leans in. This gets transferred to your family and vice-versa, eventually letting you have one of the best times.

Cleanliness In Hands
When you swim and go for the outside pools, you do not get assured of the cleanliness which is never the case with your own pool. The reason being you have full control of the cleanliness part of your pool.

If you do not wish to take any chance with the skin of your body including your family by going to the outside pools, it is always better to get one at home. Apart from this, the appeal of the home along with its value is increased greatly.

You can do much more than what we have just told you and we are very sure that you will do it too! So, what are you waiting for? Contact us for a top Inground Pool Service and get custom pools made as per your choice at the most pocket-friendly price ever!

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