Don’t Let Your Pool Go Too Long Without Proper Care

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Pool repair and service is critical for your pool if you want to continue to enjoy it during the summer it is important that you are scheduling times and days to have it repaired and maintained so it is ready for the warmer months. Pool maintenance is ideal for ensuring the use of your pool. If you are looking to have pool repair services and maintenance done in Staten Island you should consider calling Fuggetta Pools to help you with servicing your pool. Our pool technicians are equipped to deal with any issue big or small in regards to your pool when you call us for a job we will make sure that your pool is in its best shape so you can continue to enjoy using it for many years to come.

At Fuggetta Pools we recommend weekly pool maintenance for ensuring that your pool’s sanitation, overall appearance, and its chemistry are at its optimal levels. When a pool is left unchecked it can grow algae, attract mosquitoes, and bacteria like E. Coli. When you let your pool maintenance fall to the wayside it can end up costing you more money down the road in equipment repair, replacement of the liners, and pool resurfacing. We encourage pool owners to create a pool maintenance routine, but we understand how busy pool owners can be and when you don’t have the time to maintain your pool it is important you hire someone to do it for you.

The pool experts at Fuggetta Pools are more than happy to help our clients with developing pool maintenance and service plan that will help meet the specific needs of your pool all at an affordable price. We want you to be able to enjoy your pool without worrying if it isn’t properly maintained. At Fuggetta Pools we will give you peace of mind when you call us to come and service your pool for you. Our pool experts are highly trained to assess any situation and inform our clients about what sort of services your pool might need.

Fuggetta Pools is one of the leading experts in pool services in Staten Island. We guarantee that your pool will be maintained and repaired by our experts so that by the time summer is back all you have to do is relax and enjoy your backyard oasis. Call us today at Fuggetta Pools and see just what kind of services we can offer you, our team is standing by to help you so call us at (718)317-7665.

Before The Winter Hits Get Your Pool Serviced

pool cleaning staten island

Although the warmer weather has come and gone, many pool owners wouldn’t think that their pool would need to be serviced or maintained once the temperature drops. The reality of the matter is that you would want to make sure your pool is properly maintained because improper pool maintenance would lead to you not being able to enjoy it when summer returns. Having routine pool services will ensure that you can save time from any costly mistakes that might arise if you do not have your pool regularly maintained. Fuggetta Pools has been offering pool repair services in Staten Island and throughout New York.

There are plenty of projects our pool service experts at Fuggetta Pools are equipped to handle. While there are some tasks pool owners could complete on their own, we understand that our customers are busy and might not have the time to perform a task on their own. When you call one of our experts we can come over and perform any pool service task that you might need to be done for your pool so it is ready to be used again the following summer.

Some of the services we offer are pool repairs, pool water testing, and pool cleaning. We will remove debris from the pool, check the filters, check the water levels, and will be able to balance the chemicals in your pool if needed. We can also test the water in your pool if you feel uncertain about the process, making sure that the chemicals in your pool are balanced and at the correct levels. The pool professionals at Fuggetta will make sure to make the proper adjustments when performing the task or any pool services in your Staten Island pool.

Is your Staten Island pool in need of repair services? At Fuggetta we advise that our customers do not attempt to repair their pool without the help of a professional. Our pool repair experts are highly trained to assess the situation and inform our customers about what sort of repairs your pool might need and how they plan to fix it. It is why we recommend that you contact a professional before trying to fix something on your own because sometimes a small repair could become exacerbated and it could lead to a more costly repair down the line.

Fuggetta Pools is one of the leading experts in pool repair services in Staten Island. We will guarantee that your pool is properly maintained and repaired so that by the time summer rolls around next year all you’ll have to do is enjoy your pool and work on your tan. Call us today to see what pool services we can offer you.

Don’t Let Your Pool Maintenance Fall Short This Year

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Summer has come and gone, and with the changing of the seasons, we are sad to know that we won’t be able to soak in the rays by lounging in the pool. Although the days are growing shorter, and the weather is getting colder, that maintaining your pool might not be something you would have to worry about. The truth of the matter is that it is important to have a maintenance plan in place, because if you aren’t upkeeping your pool during the fall and winter season then you won’t be able to use it in the summer again.

At Fuggetta Pools we have been installing pool safety covers and pool safety fences for all of our commercial and residential pool owners for over 40 years in Staten Island, we have a variety of options and why having these items will not only keep your pool clean and maintained for years, but it also works as a safety precaution for your children and pets.

Our pool covers and pool fences are made with the highest quality material so that you never have to worry about them not working for you. It is one of the best investments you can use to keep your family safe and increase the life of your swimming pool. Our pool covers are made with reinforced vinyl or polypropylene sheets that are heavy duty and triple stitched to cover the entire surface of your pool, they are also lightweight and allow for easy removal in the summertime so you can be back to enjoying your pool in no time.

With the installation of a safety pool cover you ensure the safety of your loved ones, and also keep your pool clean from having any dirt, leaves, or other things you generally do not want floating around in your pool. Also, when your pool is exposed to sun it can develop the growth of algae.

While there really is no replacement for adult supervision, the installment of a pool safety fence can really increase the safety of your home. Especially if you have children five and under, or even pets you should consider having a pool safety fence installation done for your pool. Fuggetta’s safety pool fences are climb resistant and are transparent they can either be left up all year, be partially removed, or just as easily be rolled up and put away so you can enjoy the full view of your pool.

All of our safety fences are self-closing and can be locked, you can rest easy knowing that your children aren’t able to climb the fence to get into the pool, keeping them from drowning.

If you have any questions regarding the installation of pool safety fences, or pool safety covers you can reach us at 718-317-7665 we can go over all the options for your safety and maintenance needs and talk about estimates. Your families lives are irreplaceable, we want to do our best at Fuggetta to protect your loved ones.

Why Is Swimming Pool Repair And Maintenance Essential?

A pool is a huge investment. And you do not want to ruin this investment by ignoring the maintenance and upkeep requirements. You do not want to play with the smooth functioning of the swimming pool. Especially when it is equipped with electronic controls.

The swimming installed in your vicinity can be prone to damage. If not taken care of, this damage can worsen and result in more serious problems. There are a lot of elements attached to the swimming pool. If even one gets damaged, the entire productivity can suffer. You can clean the pool by taking the effort yourself or employ the services of a professional swimming pool repair and maintenance company in Staten Island.  

Swimming pool maintenance is not only crucial for leisure activities but it also has a great impact on your family’s health. There are many threats that can linger into your dream pool in the form of structural damage, degradation of plastic material, accumulation of bacteria and fungus, and various other things. Thus, it is essential to practice pool maintenance and cleaning activities on a regular basis.

Summer season is here! And you might have done all preparations to take a dip in your beautiful pool. But before that have you investigated the condition of your pool? Your pool also requires cleaning and maintenance. Make your pool plunge experience worth it! Appoint a professional pool maintenance company to look after its upkeep while you sit back and relax.

Stated below are some reasons that tell why swimming pool repair and maintenance is essential.

#1. Maintain the water balance: It is essential to maintain the balance of water in your pool. Maintaining the PH levels will help in avoiding any skin problems. The chlorine levels in the swimming pool water is significantly high which can have an impact on the skin and can be a reason for various other health issues.

#2. Install quality pool hardware: If you want a pool that goes a long way without any damage, it is best to employ good material hardware beforehand. The hardware installed in the pool is also prone to extensive damage. Along with the maintenance of cleanliness, it is also essential to maintain the quality of the hardware installed in the pool.

#3. Practice cleanliness: This is the most crucial step that all pool owners must practice. It is important to keep the deck and pool clean to make the pool experience enjoyable. It also helps in the prevention of a number of health hazards.

#4. Call for professional help: If you are not proficient with the task of pool cleaning and maintenance, you can seek help from professionals from a leading company such as Fuggetta Contracting Corp.

Fuggetta Contracting Corp. is a leading company that specializes in lending swimming pool maintenance services. Our team is well experienced and is equipped with all modern tools and technologies to serve you the best pool maintenance and installation services.

Pool maintenance: 5 Things That Can Be A Big Problem For Your Pool

5 things that can be a big problem for your pool

Maintaining a swimming pool is not tough. A swimming pool is an asset for any homeowner. It creates a fun and happy environment for the adults and kids. But many homeowners don’t add a pool in their house because of the pool maintenance.

A pool has huge amount of water and if not balanced right with the chemicals, it can soon turn bad. If you pool has following problems (minor as well as major), you should instantly call for the experts. Our experts will  clean the pool ad make sure that it does not put any problem in future:


One of the common pool maintenance problems, is the cloudiness in the water. It happens because of increased pH of the water. The cloudiness of the water decreases the effectiveness of chlorine.

It also is a symptoms of onset of algae growth in the pool. One of the reasons behind the cloudiness in the water can be the high levels of dissolved solids in the water. Swimming in the pool with suntan oil and other creams can lead to this problem. Our experts will properly analyze the water and restore the water clarity.

Green Water

The right color of water to swim in is blue. If water in your pool is green or is in process of turning green, it is indication of increased growth of algae. This problem is especially common in the places with humid environment.

The increase in the build up of the algae can also be caused by the increased amount of sanitizer in the pool water. Poor water circulation can also be the cause behind its buildup.

Blue green or black algae

This type of algae is also called black algae. The black algae manifests itself as black spots on the sides as well as bottom of the pool. To remove the black algae from the pool requires patience and time.

Our pool maintenance experts give the pool a through scrubbing along with doing a proper chemical treatment to remove the algae completely from the pool.


If your pool has a musty odor, then it is can indication that you need to get your pool thoroughly cleaned. Bad odors from the pool can be indication of the algae growth, high bacteria growth in the stagnant pool water.

If you pool water smells more of chlorine, then it is an indication that the level of chlorine is higher than it should be. This usually happens when the molecules of the chlorine combining with the suntan oil, hair oil, and various body oils.

Mildew odor from the pool means that the due to the stagnant water there might be an increase in the levels mildew in the water. The mildew is generally found in the hidden crevices or the manhole area of the pool.

Are you looking for more tips for pool maintenance? Contact our experts today! With more than 30 plus years of experience, our pool maintenance experts make sure that your pool is ready for the summers.

3 Signs Your Backyard Swimming Pool Needs To Be Cleaned

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There are numerous signs that a backyard swimming pool gives to tell the homeowners that it needs to be immediately cleaned. Proper pool maintenance is necessary for the health of you and your family.

According to latest CDC report, about 8 out of 10 pool inspections has have had minimum of one cleanliness violation. In commercial facilities, one out of eight inspections have resulted in closure of the facility.

With summer here, no homeowners can stop themselves from jumping in the their backyard pools. But before you jump, you need to know that your pool water is clean and won’t result in any infection.

If your pool shows these 3 signs, then you must immediately hire the experts and get your backyard swimming pool cleaned:

Cloudy Water

The first sign of unhealthy pool or questionable water quality  is cloudy water. The cloudy water means that the swimming pool has been poorly maintained and has environmental pollution.

This generally happens if the pool is not covered rightly and the rainwater and various other environmental contaminants pollute the pool. The cloudy water also signifies increased level of chemicals in the water. In such a case, don’t take the risk of jumping in the water. Call the professionals.


While majority of people understand this, it should be said that if you see algae in the pool, DO NOT jump in. What majority of people don’t know is the numerous varieties of the algae are bad for health.

They can be toxic as well as sometimes fatal to the health. The most common variety of algae present in the pools is cyanobacteria. It is foul and extremely off-putting. Remember all algae varieties are not visible. So look out for any bad or foul smells.

Red Eyes After Swimming

One of the most common infections that can happen due to swimming in the unhealthy pool is red eyes. This can also happen due to various human contaminants such as sweat, dirt, oil.

This can irritate the eyes and even affect the eyesight. This can also happen if you meticulously regulate the chemicals in the pool.

Are you looking to keep your backyard swimming pool healthy? Contact Fuggetta Pools. We are leading pool service company with 30 plus years of experience.

4 Tips To Keep Your Pool Healthy And Clean

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With spring here, it is time to open your inground pool and fill it with water. However, best swimming happens when water is clean and healthy. Unhealthy water can lead to diseases and can avoid any problem that can affect the cleaning as well as quality of the pool.

This summer, you need to protect yourself and your family members from germs and injuries. Here are four things you should know to avoid any problems in the future and get best from your inground pool.

Circulate the water

To keep the PH of the water balanced, it is necessary that the pool chemicals are evenly distributed. You need to circulate the water to keep it healthy and fresh.

The water needs to be circulated for at least 12 hours especially when you swim in it regularly. The regular circulation of water keeps the algae and bacteria at bay and increase the quality of pool water.

Clean the filter

One of the most important pool components is filter. Filter removes everything bad from the pool water. From visible deris to microscopic organisms, the water gets clean enough to swim without any problems.

However, with time, filter gets blocked and needs to be cleaned. You will need to hire the inground pool services company that will clean the filter and from the chemicals, debris and oils. Make sure pay an extra attention to your pool filter.

Brush and vacuum

Even with proper filtering and cleaning, there can be spots present in the pool. The spots are generally present in places such as behind the ladder or pool corner, where water circulation is not good.

These spots harbour bacteria and algae. Thus, these spots need to be vacuumed and cleaned at least once a week. In places with stubborn water spots, brushing is the best measure.

Use the right products

Another key to a clean and healthy pool is use of right products. Pool chemical products should be used at right time and in right place. It guarantees that the PH of water is neutral and is skin friendly. The best way to select the products for your pool is to ask from the professionals.

Do you want to select the right inground pool services? Contact Fuggetta Pools. They are leading pool service company with 30 plus years of experience.