Top Benefits Of Pool Safety Fence Installation

Top benefits of pool safety fence installation

An inground pool in your backyard is a great addition that not only increases the value of the home but it is also a truly fun summer destination. So, during hot, flashy days you can relax and spend some quality time with your friends and family. Besides providing you with fun and games, swimming pools can also pose a serious safety hazard, especially if your small kids at home.

As per the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, death under due to drowning is the second leading cause for children under the age of 14 in the United States. However, you can avoid such accidents and tragedies with pool safety fence installation. These installations also offer many other benefits. Just installing a pool fence isn’t enough, you need to ensure they are installed properly. We, here at Fuggetta Pools have trained and experienced professionals to get your fence installation job right.

Before you get one for your property, here are the top benefits you need to know about installing a pool safety fence.

Fences prevent accidents and injuries

If you are someone who often throws large pool parties or have small children and pets at home, installing a pool safety fence is a must. It will prevent your kids and pets from accidentally stumbling into the pool while you attend your guests. Additionally, it gives a sense of relief to your party guests, and they can enjoy the party without being worried about getting into trouble. Of course, the swimming pool is the best source of fun and together with friends, but you need to be responsible when it comes to pool safety.

Fences keep your pool unoccupied when not in use

For instance, your pool is closed due to any reasons like it is broken, empty, or has chemical problems, having pool safety fence installed can prevent people from tampering with it. In most cases, people fail to pay attention or can cause more damage to the pool and their health unintentionally. Serious injuries may result by falling into an empty pool. Whenever you close your pool for maintenance or for the season, safety fences are great to keep people at bay. Therefore, proper ting your family, friends, and your property as well.

Keep trespassers out of your property

It is a common occurrence that rambunctious kids from neighborhood break into the pools in the neighborhood to play. Kids are careless, they may either damage your pool or can get severely injured by tampering into the pool unsupervised. With pool safety fences, you can prevent them from causing any damages to your property and themselves.

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Everything About Inground Pool Safety Fence

Inground Pool Safety Fence

Having a swimming pool in the home means making great memories and having great parties throughout the year. However, many homeowners and even commercial property owners have a safety issue with the swimming pools.

Though the pools are a lot of fun, but the danger of children slipping and falling is always there. This is the reason why many commercial as well as residential property owners opt for the inground pool safety fence.

According to various statistics, drowning is the one of the leading causes of accidental deaths in the children between one to fourteen. Rather than the commercial property, it is the residential property where the largest number of accidental near drowning and fatal drowning have happened.

To protect your family and friends from the dangers of swimming pool, it is important that inground pool safety fence installed.

Factors to consider while installing the inground pool safety fence

Although there is no Federal requirement regarding the height of your pool fence; to be fully insured the minimum height of inground pool should be four-feet-tall.

Check with your state to see if they have any specific requirements before purchasing, and installing a pool fencing system. And then, make the best choice for your home or business, keeping in mind that no one should be able to climb the fence.

Many property owners are worried that inground pool safety fence is unattractive and affect the aesthetic of their property. This view is absolutely false. There are numerous aesthetically pleasing inground pool safety fence available.

Glass Panels
One of the most asked and aesthetically pleasing options available is the glass panels. These panels are best used on commercial properties. As they are translucent, they work well with the different themes of the property. However, despite their beauty, the glass panels require contact care and monitoring as they can get broken.

Vertical Bar Fencing
Another trending inground pool safety fence is vertical bar fence. This fence, however, requires an analysis of the design of the pool. There are a variety of materials that can be required to create a vertical fence. The most used materials are:

  • Wrought iron
  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum

This fence is perfect for the residential properties with pets and children as it creates a safe environment around the pool. Unlike glass fence the maintenance of this fence is minuscule.

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