A swimming pool grotto, or cave, is a type of concrete room attached to the pool. The walls of the grotto are constructed with shotcrete or gunite. You can also customize grottos by adding a bench that allows you to sit and relax with your family on weekends. What’s more? Grottos can feature hydrotherapy jets, fiber-opting lighting and sound systems!

Having personal grottos or cave waterfalls has been a fantasy for many, but cost and availability issues have made it impossible for pool owners. Worry not because now, Fuggetta Pools can make your dreams come true by custom designing your grottos at cost-effective rates!

If you have an existing pool and want to give it a striking look by adding a grotto, Fuggetta Pools can definitely assist you. We can make open and closed grottos and also enhance them by adding water features such as cascaders and waterfalls, if you wish for the ambience of a natural cave. If you are planning to get a new pool, we can design something that’s personal and customized to your liking. Our experts will be happy to guide you through the different materials, designs and layouts available for grottos.

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