Inground Pool Safety Covers: How to Choose the Right One

Pool Safety Covers

Inground Pool Safety Covers: How to Choose the Right One

With the year almost coming to an end, it is time to shut the pool and winterproof it. As a homeowner, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that you close the pool with the right safety covers.

To keep the pool healthy in the offseason, you’ll have to clean the pool and follow a particular process to make sure it stays healthy. The winter chemicals need to be added and the pool needs to be covered.

One of the most important parts of winter proofing is to add inground pool safety covers. A pool cover ensures that not only your pool but the occupants of the house stay safe.

You don’t want pets, small children or the dirt and debris falling in your pool. However, how would you know what kind of pool cover should you use to cover your pool?

Types of pool covers

Solid Pool Covers
The solid covers are fashioned out from the solid vinyl and are laminated in the polyester fabric coated material. Solid covers offer full sunlight blockage with 100% prevention of algae development.

The water in the pool stays cleaner with the solid safety inground pool safety covers. They are more expensive and heavier than the mesh covers.

To remove the collected water, the solid pool cover has a mesh drain in the center that is fashioned from the fine mesh fabric. It filters out the water collected on the top of the cover. However, the drainage of water is quite slow.

Mesh Pool Covers
The mesh safety covers are constructed out of the polypropylene mesh fabric. They are a whole lot cheaper than the solid inground pool safety covers.

As they are created from mesh, they are extremely light, easy to install, and solve the problem of standing water.

However, if you are considering using mesh pool cover, you will need to vacuum the pool (for algae) when you open it as the mesh allows sunlight to filter which in return creates algae.

Hybrid inground pool safety covers are the newest pool covers in the market. They are a unique amalgamation of solid and mesh pool covers. The draining system has the mesh covers which make the drainage extremely fast.

Just like the solid pool cover, it blocks the sunlight and UV rays. The mesh used is extremely tightly woven and fine. This makes sure that no debris and dust enter the pool.

Your pool cover selection would be the first thing that would keep your pool safe in the off-season and ready for the upcoming season. Believe us, you don’t want any floating pool liners or algae in your pool.

Do you want to select the right inground pool safety covers? Want to get the winter-proofing done by the professionals?

Contact us! At Fuggetta Pools, we will help you winterproof your pool and keep it in pristine condition.

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