Tips to Prevent & Remove Black Algae From Your Inground Pool

black algae in pool

Tips to Prevent & Remove Black Algae From Your Inground Pool

Inground pool installation in your backyard should only become the reason for fun and enjoyment with your loved ones, not a hub of harmful, infectious organisms. Most people install inground swimming pool but fail to maintain and clean it, resulting in the growth of deadly organisms.

Black algae are one of them! It is a living organism that harbors on porous surfaces of the swimming pool. Black algae form black spots in your swimming pool. Usually, it settles into steps, corners, and other hard-to-access areas, and it can grow in the sun as well the shade.

You can also hire professionals for inground pool cleaning to ensure your pool is free from any organisms. We, at Fuggetta Pools, deal with various inground pool services from installation to safety and maintenance.

Black algae are not only the most aggressive form of pool algae, but it’s quite difficult to remove it. You can’t kill it by simply adding algaecide to your inground swimming pool.

There are two reasons why it is difficult to get rid of black algae.

  • It has deep roots that are firmly embedded in your pool surfaces.
  • It comes with a natural, protective layer, making it hard for chemicals to kill it.

Although removing black algae is difficult, it’s not impossible. With regular pool care and maintenance, you can get rid of black spots and prevent them from forming again.

Treating black algae – Since black algae are difficult to remove, so you need more a quick scrub down to get rid of it. Here’s how you can treat black algae from your inground pool installation.

  • Scrub your pool – Make sure you use a high-quality nylon brush to give a good scrub to remove black algae. Always choose something sturdy and tough if you want to take off the built-in protective layer. However, scrubbing the pool surface is not enough. Sometimes, black spots disappear, but there could be firmly embedded roots under the surface. Therefore, you need to perform one more step.
  • Use chlorine tablets – Take a chlorine tablet, break in two halves and rub directly on the pool surfaces that are affected by black algae. With this step, you can kill the roots and prevent it from coming back. You can also use granular chlorine to give a shock to your pool water and kill off bacteria.

Preventing black algae from coming back – If you want to prevent black algae from coming back into your pool, practice a regular pool maintenance routine. This includes regularly testing your water to ensure it is well-balanced.

Make use of test strips to check pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels, and make changes accordingly. Also, brush and vacuum your pool regularly and run the pump to remove debris and dirt.

Hopefully, now you know how to keep your inground pool free from black algae and other living organisms. Are searching for a company that deals in inground pool installation? Contact us at – 718-317-7665.

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