Trending Inground Pool Features of 2018

Trending inground pool features 2018

Trending Inground Pool Features of 2018

The summer in the New York is incomplete without spending a long weekend in the pool. The trending inground pool designs have never been more classy and chic.

From adding the innovative technology to the fire features for the night, the pool has become swankier. As leading inground pool contractors in New York City, we are working hard to give the best pool experience to our clients across the state. Are you curious about the latest trends?

Here are the trending pool features of 2018:

Dark colors are in for 2018
One of the leading trendings is the pool cool. Unlike the old color trends, dark pool colors are in. The dark pool liners and pool walls give water a serene appearance.

The dark pool colors also blend into the backyard landscapes making your pool experience a peaceful. The dark colors are relaxing in comparison with bright colors of the public pools and the bright hue of the water. Along with that, the dark color is energy saving as it absorbs the sun’s heat.

This makes your natural inground pool heat natural. The trending dark colors include:

  • Azure, Navy, and cobalt blue
  • Deep blues and sea greens to remind you of ocean
  • Greys and blacks, to bring in the look of a lagoon

Pool Automation
The pool technology has become smarter. Being a pool owner just got a lot better from last year. Automation equipment comes in the form of pool vacuums, water features, lightening and more.

You can control all the necessary thing of the pool from your smartphone or tablet.

The features you can control along with music and lights are:

  • Safety cover
  • Water features
  • Pump
  • Cleaning system
  • Temperature
  • Chemical levels

All you need to do is download the application on your phone. The automation software not only makes it easier for you to own an inground pool but also conserves the energy. You can even make the required adjustments when you are out of the home.

Sun Shelves
The sun shelves are shallow and flat ledges on the inferior side of the pool. These shelves are also known as Baja shelves or tanning ledges. The ledges are extremely versatile and easily accessible.

They are perfect for small children to play when parents enjoy the pool time. The sun shelves give a visual contrast to the depth of the pool. You can even use the shelves are the place to lounge in the pool.

The above mentioned inground pool trends are here to stay for a few years. The pools are an investment in your homes. Want to know more about inground pool trends?

Want to give your backyard a renovation? Contact our pool experts today! We are the leading inground pool contractors for the last 35 years in the state of New York.

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