4 Tips To Keep Your Pool Healthy And Clean

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4 Tips To Keep Your Pool Healthy And Clean

With spring here, it is time to open your inground pool and fill it with water. However, best swimming happens when water is clean and healthy. Unhealthy water can lead to diseases and can avoid any problem that can affect the cleaning as well as quality of the pool.

This summer, you need to protect yourself and your family members from germs and injuries. Here are four things you should know to avoid any problems in the future and get best from your inground pool.

Circulate the water

To keep the PH of the water balanced, it is necessary that the pool chemicals are evenly distributed. You need to circulate the water to keep it healthy and fresh.

The water needs to be circulated for at least 12 hours especially when you swim in it regularly. The regular circulation of water keeps the algae and bacteria at bay and increase the quality of pool water.

Clean the filter

One of the most important pool components is filter. Filter removes everything bad from the pool water. From visible deris to microscopic organisms, the water gets clean enough to swim without any problems.

However, with time, filter gets blocked and needs to be cleaned. You will need to hire the inground pool services company that will clean the filter and from the chemicals, debris and oils. Make sure pay an extra attention to your pool filter.

Brush and vacuum

Even with proper filtering and cleaning, there can be spots present in the pool. The spots are generally present in places such as behind the ladder or pool corner, where water circulation is not good.

These spots harbour bacteria and algae. Thus, these spots need to be vacuumed and cleaned at least once a week. In places with stubborn water spots, brushing is the best measure.

Use the right products

Another key to a clean and healthy pool is use of right products. Pool chemical products should be used at right time and in right place. It guarantees that the PH of water is neutral and is skin friendly. The best way to select the products for your pool is to ask from the professionals.

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