Don’t Let Your Pool Maintenance Fall Short This Year

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Don’t Let Your Pool Maintenance Fall Short This Year

Summer has come and gone, and with the changing of the seasons, we are sad to know that we won’t be able to soak in the rays by lounging in the pool. Although the days are growing shorter, and the weather is getting colder, that maintaining your pool might not be something you would have to worry about. The truth of the matter is that it is important to have a maintenance plan in place, because if you aren’t upkeeping your pool during the fall and winter season then you won’t be able to use it in the summer again.

At Fuggetta Pools we have been installing pool safety covers and pool safety fences for all of our commercial and residential pool owners for over 40 years in Staten Island, we have a variety of options and why having these items will not only keep your pool clean and maintained for years, but it also works as a safety precaution for your children and pets.

Our pool covers and pool fences are made with the highest quality material so that you never have to worry about them not working for you. It is one of the best investments you can use to keep your family safe and increase the life of your swimming pool. Our pool covers are made with reinforced vinyl or polypropylene sheets that are heavy duty and triple stitched to cover the entire surface of your pool, they are also lightweight and allow for easy removal in the summertime so you can be back to enjoying your pool in no time.

With the installation of a safety pool cover you ensure the safety of your loved ones, and also keep your pool clean from having any dirt, leaves, or other things you generally do not want floating around in your pool. Also, when your pool is exposed to sun it can develop the growth of algae.

While there really is no replacement for adult supervision, the installment of a pool safety fence can really increase the safety of your home. Especially if you have children five and under, or even pets you should consider having a pool safety fence installation done for your pool. Fuggetta’s safety pool fences are climb resistant and are transparent they can either be left up all year, be partially removed, or just as easily be rolled up and put away so you can enjoy the full view of your pool.

All of our safety fences are self-closing and can be locked, you can rest easy knowing that your children aren’t able to climb the fence to get into the pool, keeping them from drowning.

If you have any questions regarding the installation of pool safety fences, or pool safety covers you can reach us at 718-317-7665 we can go over all the options for your safety and maintenance needs and talk about estimates. Your families lives are irreplaceable, we want to do our best at Fuggetta to protect your loved ones.

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