Pool maintenance: 5 Things That Can Be A Big Problem For Your Pool

5 things that can be a big problem for your pool

Pool maintenance: 5 Things That Can Be A Big Problem For Your Pool

Maintaining a swimming pool is not tough. A swimming pool is an asset for any homeowner. It creates a fun and happy environment for the adults and kids. But many homeowners don’t add a pool in their house because of the pool maintenance.

A pool has huge amount of water and if not balanced right with the chemicals, it can soon turn bad. If you pool has following problems (minor as well as major), you should instantly call for the experts. Our experts will  clean the pool ad make sure that it does not put any problem in future:


One of the common pool maintenance problems, is the cloudiness in the water. It happens because of increased pH of the water. The cloudiness of the water decreases the effectiveness of chlorine.

It also is a symptoms of onset of algae growth in the pool. One of the reasons behind the cloudiness in the water can be the high levels of dissolved solids in the water. Swimming in the pool with suntan oil and other creams can lead to this problem. Our experts will properly analyze the water and restore the water clarity.

Green Water

The right color of water to swim in is blue. If water in your pool is green or is in process of turning green, it is indication of increased growth of algae. This problem is especially common in the places with humid environment.

The increase in the build up of the algae can also be caused by the increased amount of sanitizer in the pool water. Poor water circulation can also be the cause behind its buildup.

Blue green or black algae

This type of algae is also called black algae. The black algae manifests itself as black spots on the sides as well as bottom of the pool. To remove the black algae from the pool requires patience and time.

Our pool maintenance experts give the pool a through scrubbing along with doing a proper chemical treatment to remove the algae completely from the pool.


If your pool has a musty odor, then it is can indication that you need to get your pool thoroughly cleaned. Bad odors from the pool can be indication of the algae growth, high bacteria growth in the stagnant pool water.

If you pool water smells more of chlorine, then it is an indication that the level of chlorine is higher than it should be. This usually happens when the molecules of the chlorine combining with the suntan oil, hair oil, and various body oils.

Mildew odor from the pool means that the due to the stagnant water there might be an increase in the levels mildew in the water. The mildew is generally found in the hidden crevices or the manhole area of the pool.

Are you looking for more tips for pool maintenance? Contact our experts today! With more than 30 plus years of experience, our pool maintenance experts make sure that your pool is ready for the summers.

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