3 Signs Your Backyard Swimming Pool Needs To Be Cleaned

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3 Signs Your Backyard Swimming Pool Needs To Be Cleaned

There are numerous signs that a backyard swimming pool gives to tell the homeowners that it needs to be immediately cleaned. Proper pool maintenance is necessary for the health of you and your family.

According to latest CDC report, about 8 out of 10 pool inspections has have had minimum of one cleanliness violation. In commercial facilities, one out of eight inspections have resulted in closure of the facility.

With summer here, no homeowners can stop themselves from jumping in the their backyard pools. But before you jump, you need to know that your pool water is clean and won’t result in any infection.

If your pool shows these 3 signs, then you must immediately hire the experts and get your backyard swimming pool cleaned:

Cloudy Water

The first sign of unhealthy pool or questionable water quality  is cloudy water. The cloudy water means that the swimming pool has been poorly maintained and has environmental pollution.

This generally happens if the pool is not covered rightly and the rainwater and various other environmental contaminants pollute the pool. The cloudy water also signifies increased level of chemicals in the water. In such a case, don’t take the risk of jumping in the water. Call the professionals.


While majority of people understand this, it should be said that if you see algae in the pool, DO NOT jump in. What majority of people don’t know is the numerous varieties of the algae are bad for health.

They can be toxic as well as sometimes fatal to the health. The most common variety of algae present in the pools is cyanobacteria. It is foul and extremely off-putting. Remember all algae varieties are not visible. So look out for any bad or foul smells.

Red Eyes After Swimming

One of the most common infections that can happen due to swimming in the unhealthy pool is red eyes. This can also happen due to various human contaminants such as sweat, dirt, oil.

This can irritate the eyes and even affect the eyesight. This can also happen if you meticulously regulate the chemicals in the pool.

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