Spillover Spas

Spillover Spas for Inground Pools

Fuggetta Pools Contracting Corp. can customize the look of your pool and yard with the addition of a spillover spa. After a long tiring day, what could be more relaxing than sitting in a hot tub and enjoying the soothing massage of water jets? Inground swim spas are a multi-purpose water feature than can incorporate massage jets, mesmerizing designs and colored lighting, and can easily be added to any pool project.

Spillover spa installation offers a striking, aesthetic element that transforms the look of your pool. The built-in waterfall adds that extra touch of sophistication to the whole pool. A spillover spa comes with varied relaxation benefits which are perfect for loosening up and relaxing. You can install the spillover spa flush to the pool deck or raise it to create a fascinating bench sitting area.


Why choose Fuggetta Pools?

Add a touch of luxury, elegance and glamour to your backyard by installing a spillover spa. The skilled craftsmen at Fuggetta Pools have extensive experience in spillover spa installation and giving a perfect finishing touch to your design idea.

Our spillover spas enhance the elegance and ambiance of your swimming pool while adding the health and stress relief that only a spa can provide.

A spillover spa offers the advantage of being able to remain open later in the year, and open again far earlier in the next season. Heating your spa to a cozy 102° will get you out of the house and into your spa as early as March through as late as November. Our spas are available in round, square and scalloped models.

If you have any questions about our inground spillover spas, please feel free to call us at 718-317-7665.

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