Pool Pumps

Pool Pumps

Most pool owners know that their swimming pool consumes a lot of energy, which also makes it an expensive affair. Fuggetta Pools allows you to save energy and maintain a comfortable pool temperature by using a small and efficient pool pump.

We use our expertise and experience to manufacture high quality pool equipment and pumps. We offer a broad range of exclusive and high quality pool pumps with outstanding performance for both in-ground and above-ground pool use.

Pool pumps form an integral part of the pool installation. They create suction in the skimmer and push water through the pool filter and then back into the pool with the pool inlets. To ensure quality, it is important the pool water is circulated at least four times a day to make sure that the water doesn’t stagnate.

Fuggetta Pools’ experts can help you choose a pool pump from a wide variety of options, based on your needs. An efficient pool pump can save you maintenance and energy cost, while keeping your pool cleaner and efficient.

Call us at: +1 718-317-7665 to find the perfect pump for you

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