Premium Safety Fences for Your Pool by Fuggetta Pools

Keep Your Inground Swimming Pool Safe with Removable Safety Fences

Owning a swimming pool near Staten Island, NY, without any protection, can invite a disaster waiting to happen, especially with young children around. Drowning is the leading reason for death in young children. Thus, homeowners should keep safety as one of their priorities at any cost.

Although adult supervision is essential, various layers of protection, such as removable safety fences and gates, offer added security.

At Fuggetta Pools, we care about service quality and security. Our retractable swimming pool fences are made of premium quality materials and offer additional protection for your children and pets. This beautiful and functional fencing around your pool can completely enclose it or can also be installed strategically between your house and the water feature.

Why Choose Fuggetta’s Removable Pool Fences?

  • Security & Convenience: We offer self-closing, retractable, and key-lockable safety gates for added security. In addition, our glass fences are made from durable materials that ensure the desired protection in your swimming pool in all weather conditions.
  • Enhanced Protection: Removable safety fences are easy to remove and create a lockable barrier around your pool that keeps children and pets away from danger.
  • Assured Protection: These child safety fences provide a transparent barrier that’s difficult to climb over. They can be left in place year-round or easily removed when needed. When not in use, the mesh fences conveniently retract for compact storage.

Benefits Of Pool Fences For Homeowners Near Staten Island, NY

  • Crystal-Clear View: Our glass fences allow you to view your pool without obstructions, ensuring the fencing looks visually attractive.
  • Installation: Our expert technicians can handle the installation of your removable pool safety fences, including mesh and gates, quickly and efficiently.
  • Peace of Mind: Our removable fencing near Staten Island, NY, gives an extra protective barrier, allowing you and your family to enjoy the facility for years.

Considering the Cost?

We are aware that suitable fencing and cost are key considerations in swimming pool safety. We provide competitive prices for the professional installation of popular retractable mesh, glass fences, and security gates. Call us now for a free quote!

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