Salt water pools

Most people think salt water pools equal ocean water, but that’s not true. In the swimming pool industry, salt water pools refer to the pools that use salt chlorine generators for sanitization. These pools not only contribute to the aesthetics and value of the house but also contribute towards healthy living. If you are thinking of upgrading your swimming pool or adding one to your property, we advise you to look into salt water pools. At Fuggetta Pools, we offer a huge range of salt water pool designs that are affordable and can be added to the existing pool.

Choose from a huge range of salt water pool designs

How do salt water pools work?

The salt water pool uses salt chlorine generators for sanitization. The sanitization system is innovative and high tech, which has transformed how swimming pools are maintained. If you are thinking about its costs or complexity, let us tell you that there’s nothing to worry. The system is extremely simple and inexpensive. The salt water sanitization system uses NaCl aka sodium chloride salt to manufacture the chlorine. Unlike ocean water, salt water pools are extremely comfortable to swim in.

At Fuggetta Pools, we only advise what we believe in. The salt water pools are extremely easy on the skin and eyes along with being healthier in comparison to the chlorine pools. The salt chlorine generators add the diluted sodium chloride in the water. The salt water generates the chlorine gas, which helps cleans the pool. This eliminates any human involvement and error. By installing the salt water pools, you are giving your family clean, sparkling and healthy water to swim in.

Advantages of having a salt water pool:

  • Less use of chlorine.
  • No dry skin, burning eyes, ruined bathing suits or bleached hair
  • A healthy alternative to the traditional pool cleaning system
  • Environment friendly
  • No chance of human error
  • Less maintenance

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