Water Testing

Water Testing

Water testing is very important for the life of the pool. It not only affects the water chemistry but can also hamper the lifespan of the pool. At Fuggetta Pools, we have an expert team of certified pool operators who are trained in high-tech techniques to keep your pool clean and healthy.

One of the biggest turn offs for any pool owner is to find unattractive, unhealthy and swampy water in their pool. Call Fuggetta Pools today for a chemical maintenance program. We have varied chlorine and chemical options for in-ground as well as eco-friendly pools. By using an appropriate chemical balance, you can increase the life of your pools and prevent any costly repairs.

A swimming pool is not only a large tank full of water. There are many other mechanics behind its smooth working. A pool consists of pumps, cleaners, lights, valves, motors, timers, controls and other devices. A leak detection test helps in finding where the problem is, so it can be repaired correctly.

Even if you have opted for automatic chemical maintenance system, it is important that you regularly get your pool water tested by professionals to ensure your pool is in top condition. At Fuggetta Pools, we can plan out a proper schedule for water testing so that your pool water remains of the highest quality throughout the year.

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