Pool Cleaning

Pool Cleaning

Building a cleaning schedule for your swimming pool is a tedious but important task. The safety and maintenance of the chlorinated water in your pool is extremely necessary if you wish to swim and enjoy the water on a regular basis.

While chemicals are added to the pool to solve water problems, they can get dangerous if not checked and handled properly. They can cause skin diseases like skin rashes, eye infection and damage to the body if swallowed. Keep you and your loved ones safe by opting for professional pool cleaning services by Fuggetta Pools.

We offer scheduled pool cleaning services which includes a thorough cleaning of your pool water, drainage systems and surrounding areas. We also do water testing during pool-cleaning to make sure the chemical quantity in your pool is at the required levels.

Pool cleaning is most important during season changes, when the autumn brings in unwanted clumps of leaves and makes your pool dirty with debris. This can hamper the performance and appearance of your pool.

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