Pool Opening and Closing

Pool Opening and Closing

Pool opening and closing service is very critical for the life of your pool. At Fuggetta Pools, we can take the hassle out of your swimming pool opening and closing service. Pool opening and closing can be time consuming and complex if not carried out correctly. An efficient pool opening and closing will reduce the maintenance and repair costs of the pool and this is why Fuggetta Pools offers it as part of its seasonal service, which includes weekly visits for cleaning, power washing, and introduction of chemicals, chemical testing and more. Pool opening and closing is also available as an individual service.

By taking care of your pool properly, you can increase the life of the pool. By choosing the right time for pool maintenance, you can be assured your pool is safely tucked away for winter.

Pool Opening includes:

  • Removing and cleaning the cover
  • Removing the water plugs
  • Removing, draining and cleaning water tubes
  • Performing visual inspection of pool area and equipment
  • Installing pool accessories
  • Testing the water chemistry
  • Brushing the walls
  • Treating water chemically and leaving the chemicals if needed


Pool Closing includes:

  • Pool shutting and winterizing the pool filtration system
  • Making minor adjustments to water chemistry (if required)
  • Filling water bags, removing the ladder, diving boards and store away
  • Checking pool light and filter system
  • Removing debris from the pool
  • Adding winterization chemicals
  • Adding winter shock
  • Lowering water level
  • Properly covering the pool

Call us at: +1 718-317-7665 to schedule an appointment with the Fuggetta Pools team to open and close the pool whenever the time is right for you