Sun Deck

If you are building a new pool at home, we highly recommend a sun deck! A sun deck can be designed as an oversized step or two, or you can have it as an independent addition to the side of the pool. The sun deck is a great spot for kids to play or for you to lie under and relax. You can even install a bubbling fountain on the sun decks.

Sun decks are also referred to as ‘tanning shelf’, ‘tanning ledge’ or the ‘shallow section where adults and kids can relax and relieve their stress’. Along with being useful, sun decks also have the potential to give your pool a stunning appearance. The highly creative team of experts at Fuggetta Pools can custom design a sun deck for your pool according to your preferences.

The best part of sun deck is that they can fit any pool type and design. The shape can be customized to fit the pool. We can make it work even if your pool is freeform, geometric or any other shape. We can also refurbish the pool to add a new sun deck depending on your pool type.

If you’re someone who loves to soak up the sun rays, a sun deck will be perfect for you. Want to get a sun deck for your pool? Our designers would love to help you give a stunning new look to your pool.

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