Steel / Vinyl Liner Pool Design

Pool Design

Pool design is as important as pool quality. Pool design provides ambience and gives character to the house. To create the right pool, it is necessary that it blends well with the design of your house. This is why we advise every homeowner to begin the designing the pool by contacting the Fuggetta pool design experts. With our experts, you’ll be able to explore the right ideas for your personal pool.

The process of pool design is extremely important as it lays the right foundation for a new pool. At Fuggetta Pools, we take in the decision to augment the design so that it goes well with the property. Once the layout is done, along with the pool design and the chosen construction materials, we will present you with accessory options and special features, including sun shades and pool decks, among others. With these, you can add grace, elegance and elements of fun to your pool.

After the plans are finalized, we will provide a reasonable estimate for the construction of the pool. Our pools are designed in such a way that they will suit the needs and budgets of our clients. The design and construction for each pool is different and therefore, requires different construction timelines. The broad timeline goes like this:

Meet the contractor

The pool design process begins with meeting our Fuggetta Pools expert who will visit the property and discuss what you want. This person will be your point of contact with the construction teams and will coordinate and make all your dreams about the pool come true.

Pool Design Ideas

We are open to all your pool design ideas and work hard to provide the type of pool you need and want. We work with the latest technology to create 3D designs and help you understand and visualize the design better.

Pool Construction

From acquiring permits to getting the inspections done, our experts at Fuggetta Pools will take care of everything. The experts will provide an end date of the construction and will guide you through the entire process.

Contact us to talk to our pool design experts!