Pool Leak Repair

Pool Leak Repair

Pool leaks can be very frustrating for pool owners. A pool leak can cause serious damage to the surrounding buildings and can also disturb the soil below the pool deck, causing the pool deck to collapse. If pool detection proves positive for leak, your first step should undoubtedly be to get it fixed immediately.

At Fuggetta Pools, we understand the inconvenience pool leaks can create for you and we make every effort to ensure the pool leaks are repaired quickly and correctly. Fuggetta Pools is an expert in pool leak detection and pool repair with more than 10 years of experience.

We use a combination of skills and experience along with high-tech equipment to detect various types of leaks. Our expertise, excellent customer service, knowledge and commitment to quality services make us a preferred company for pool detection and repair

in New York.

A swimming pool is not only a large tank full of water. There are many other mechanics behind its smooth working. A pool consists of pumps, cleaners, lights, valves, motors, timers, controls and other devices. A leak detection test helps in finding where the problem is, so it can be repaired correctly.

Our certified service technicians are experts in finding pool leaks and repairing them. We not only help in repairing pool leaks, but also offer suggestions to ensure there are no future leaks and your pool stays protected. If you have a pool leak you’re worried about :

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