Liner Replacements

Liner Replacements

One of the most cost-effective ways to maintain the pool is to replace the pool liner. If a pool liner has a small rip, a tear or looks tired, it needs to be replaced immediately. At Fuggetta Pools, we offer our pool liner replacement services for pools whose liners have reached the end of their life.

An old, faded pool liner looks bad with a chic home. If you are looking to refresh the liner, look at our amazing collection of customizable liners. Whether you have an in-ground pool or a salt water pool, our experts can install the pool liners without any hassle

Pool liners at Fuggetta Pools have innovative features such as scratch resistant, easy to clean and smooth under the feet. They also come in numerous design patterns. Over the years, Fuggetta Pools has become a one-stop destination for pool designs, installations, pool liner repairs and replacements.

We begin the pool liner replacement process by scheduling an appointment and analysing the pool to understand the best path to mend the situation. The proper assessment of the pool includes the history of the pool, its surrounding areas and its maintenance schedule. Our experts will consider all the factors during assessment and decide on the best option — repairing the pool liner or replacing it. Once the repair or replacement is done, we tell you everything you need to know about the maintenance of the pool. Remember, proper maintenance and excellent water quality increases the life of the pool and pool liner!

The time to replace your liner is the best time to rethink your current pool layout. Today we can replace your old fiberglass steps with new steel or concrete block steps with liner covering so it will update your look. We can add in sun decks and benches, change the depth of your pool, etc.


Contact Fuggetta Pools experts to get answers to your questions regarding pool liner replacements and start the process!