Expert Floating Liner Correction Services in Staten Island

Best Floating Liner Solutions From Fuggetta Contracting Corp.

Vinyl liner pools offer a budget-friendly and customized way of achieving the swimming experience. However, even the most gorgeous pool is not capable of preventing the pressure of underground water. This enemy may cause your liner to get separated from the pool wall and float, which may result in costly repairs.

We at Fuggetta Contracting Corp. are the preferred service provider when it comes to pool liner repair and replacement, and we have an outstanding success rate. Our team of experts can diagnose your pool’s floating issue and devise long-lasting solutions.

Common Causes of Floating Issues

  • Heavy Rainfall: Heavy rain increases the groundwater level, putting too much pressure on your liner, which eventually leads to detachment. We can competently redirect the groundwater away from your swimming pool, thus making the problem of floating a thing of the past.
  • Metal Wall Oxidation: Many vinyl-liner pools contain galvanized steel walls. In the beginning, these walls do a good job of protecting against oxidation, but with time, they can lose their strength. The oxidation may also cause leaks and thus increase the floating issues. We assist our clients with a wide range of pool liner replacement services aimed at solving this problem quickly and expertly.
  • Liner Holes: Wear and tears are caused by the lack of constant pool maintenance and proper water pH levels. This can lead to overflowing in some places due to the water accumulation, which may cause the floating issue. Our underwater pool patch service can take care of these rips in a fast and effective way.
  • Perched Water: This water can be stuck in your liner, causing it to float, pucker, or wrinkle. Combining a liner with lots of rainfall creates the best conditions for perched water. Our experts can pinpoint and remove the water sitting on the liner so it remains secure and safe.
  • Incorrect Water Depth: During liner installation and repair, keeping water levels at the right level is an important consideration. Keeping your pool drained, particularly in winter, may decrease the water pressure inside the liner, which can cause it to float. We strongly encourage our customers to use water wisely when we perform our services.

Considering Repair or Replacement?

The ultimate success of your liner installation strategy depends on various variables, such as its condition, age, and level of wrinkles. Although the liner is smooth, its structural integrity could be compromised, and it might refloat. Besides, its old and poor condition may impede the reset process. Our specialists will evaluate the situation in detail and choose the most appropriate solution from the shelf, including new swimming pool liner repair or replacement.

Fuggetta Contracting Corp.: What Makes Us Different?

  • Expert Diagnosis: We find out the real reason for your floating issue that ultimately gives a lasting solution.
  • Proven Techniques: Our 100% success rate in issue correction is a clear indication of our expertise in this domain.
  • High-Quality Materials: We only use the highest quality materials for the replacement or repair.
  • Underground and Above-Ground Pool Liners: Along with the underground pool liners, we are a full-fledged service provider of above-ground pool liners as well.

Don’t spoil your pool season with liner drifts! Call Fuggetta Contracting Corp. for a complimentary installation, repair, or replacement service estimate today! We guarantee a beautiful and functional swimming-pool for a long time.

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