Floating Liner Correction

Floating Liner Correction

Vinyl liner pools are the most cost-effective inground swimming pools. They are custom made and can be installed in a week’s time. Vinyl liner pools are favored by people across the country. Smooth texture and design flexibility are what makes them different from fiberglass and Gunite pools. You can create a design that you want without worrying about the pool liner. We make sure to use Merlin pool liners to ensure no floats.

Our premium inground pools at Fuggetta Pools are created with the latest technology. We have found the solution to correct and eliminate the floating liner problem forever! Our skilled professionals can come in and provide you with a free estimate to not only correct but eliminate your floating liner issues altogether!

Pool liners serve as the divider between the water and the pool structure. The sheet is quite thick and stays in place for a long time. However, like all good things, it needs a regular maintenance. A neglected swimming pool can create huge problems from cracks in the liner to pool liner wrinkles and a floating liner. A vinyl pool should never be drained, it is the water pressure inside the pool that keeps the liner in place.

If you have a liner float in your inground pool, make sure you call skilled Fuggetta professionals for your pool liner repair. Take this time to decide if you would like any new upgrades to your pool such as seats, benches, sundecks, free-form steps, waterfalls, spill-over spa, etc. because you will not have to worry about replacing that Floating liner again!

Common reasons you need floating liners correction

Heavy rainfall – It is not your pool installer but mother nature who is the culprit. Heavy rainfall elevates the groundwater level. The elevated levels put more pressure on the inner lining which leads to floating liner. If the liner is afloat, you don’t need to get worried. At Fuggetta Pools, our representatives are ready to help you out with floating liner solutions.

Metal wall oxidization – Often vinyl liner pool structures are made with galvanized steel. Though strong, they are a precarious long-term option. The galvanized steel structure is underground and with time, it gets oxidized. They can also get damaged from the underground water, causing leaks and floating liner issues.

Liner hole – If the liner is not regularly cleaned and water PH level not maintained, it can lead to small fissures or holes in the liner. These holes can collect significant water in one or more areas of the liner. It is necessary to do regular pool liner repair.

Perched water – Perched water does not only cause a floating liner but also creates pool liner wrinkles, or shrinking of the liner. Perched water combined with heavy rainfall can cause the liners to float.

Water depth issue – While installing the pool liner or doing pool liner repair, we always emphasize that the pool should never be drained. Low water depth (during winter months) can decrease the pressure of water inside the liner and make the liner float.

Success of floating liner solutions depends on various things including the condition of the liner, age of the liner, amount of pool liner wrinkles, and several other factors. Even if the pool liner wrinkles are removed, they can return and liner can float. Old liners in neglected condition can tear in the reset process. Make sure you consider these facts before attempting to fix the liner float or replacing the liner altogether.

If you are looking for high quality and professional Pool Maintenance Service, you’ve come to the right place. At Fuggetta Pools, we give personal attention and supreme service to our customers. We offer pool cleaning, maintenance and repair service. We specialize in floating liner correction and replacement. Give us a call to schedule your next pool service appointment.




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