Inground Pools

Steel Wall Vinyl Inground Pool Liner

Steel wall vinyl pool liners are one of the most popular types of inground pool liners. This is because they are affordable and allow for an easy installation. Inground Pools by Fuggetta Contracting Corp. has been installing vinyl liner inground pools for over 35 years. Using quality materials and the latest technology, we can assure you will more than satisfied when you choose steel pool kits from Fuggetta Pools. Our vinyl pool liners are made up of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel with exceptional strength.

Pool Liner Installation

Our pool installations always begin with a design that is developed with our client. Building swimming pools has changed dramatically over the years and involves a balance and coordination of art, landscape design, engineering and technology on the part of the pool designer. When your design is complete we will use the highest quality products to build your dream pool.

In the past a Gunite (concrete) pool was the only way to enjoy free-form shapes and extra amenities in your pool. Today, you can choose from a variety of standard shapes and sizes. Together we can design a free-form pool far beyond your imagination. Upgrades to a vinyl liner pool include seats, benches, sun decks, free-form stairs, water features/waterfalls, fire features, spill-over spas, accent lighting, computerized automation and much more.

To complete your steel framed inground pool, aside from all the bells and whistles, the most important component is your liner. Liners are the base of your pool, and can be the best way to complete the look of your yard. Click here to see some liner choices you may choose from.

Why choose Vinyl Liners?

As vinyl liner swimming pool structures are assembled in modular panels, you can purchase them in varied radiuses and segments. Vinyl liner swimming pool structures have unlimited options for shapes and sizes which proves to be advantageous for customers having specific size requirements.

At Fuggetta Pools, we can custom design vinyl pool liners for you. Our vinyl liners are extremely durable and come with UV protection. In case the liner gets damaged, it can easily be patched with original material without draining the pool water.

Whether you want to transform the look of your current inground pool or enhance the beauty of your new pool, Fuggetta Pools will give you the pool of your dreams.