Safety Covers

High Quality Pool Safety Covers

The best investment you can make to keep your kids safe and increase the life of your pool is a pool safety cover. Inground Pools by Fuggetta Contracting Corp. offer a variety of different types and colors of safety covers to suit your needs.

Our safety covers give you safety and peace of mind all winter long. We offer both Solid Safety Covers and as well as Mesh. Our best seller is the Merlin SmartMesh cover which does not need a cover pump! See below for more information.

Safety covers not only protect you from falling in, but protect your pool from sunlight and heavy debris, making your pool opening that much better!

Why choose pool safety covers from Fuggetta Pools?

In our commitment to offer the best products for your pool, we offer a variety of swimming pool safety covers. Every component of the pool cover is custom designed to meet individual preferences. We can customize the size and shape of the cover as per your preferences, keeping your pool clean and most importantly secure for your kids and pets.

Check out the covers we offer including the patented SmartMesh cover. Featuring a high-tech weave that allows water to pass through while blocking sunlight and filtering debris to 40 microns, this cover will not disappoint! Without sunlight, algae can’t grow, keeping your pool cleaner during the winter season.

We can install a safety cover that is designed for your yard, accommodating any Water features, freeform shapes, unique configurations, etc. without compromising quality and safety.

Benefits of Safety Covers

Best Fit – Leveraging computer-aided design (CAD) and expert craftsmanship, we deliver the best fitting covers in the business.

High quality – Our specially formulated, reinforced vinyl or polypropylene cover sheet is supported by nylon/polypropylene straps. Extension straps are secured to tension springs with a steel buckle.

Strength – Heavy-duty, triple-stitched straps crisscross the pool surface, stretched tight by tension springs anchored in the deck. Although lightweight, Merlin webbing has a break-strength of more than three times the government standard.

Safety– Stainless steel tension springs hook over machined-brass anchors set flush in your deck. Anchors lock and unlock easily with a special tool to prevent unauthorized removal.


For more information on pool safety covers and their installation, Call: 718-317-7665