5 Astounding Ideas For Backyard Swimming Pool

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Many people dream of having a swimming pool. Almost everyone is aware of the benefits it offers. Constructing a swimming pool is the best decision to make. Apart from giving health and workout advantages, it adds an aesthetic appeal to your home and increases its monetary value as well. Investing in a swimming pool not only enhances the beauty and exterior of your home but also allows you to relax and revitalize after a long day.

We have brought you a list of amazing ideas to build backyard swimming pools. Once you’ve decided on the design you want, make sure you hire the best backyard pool designers to transform your vision into reality.

This pool idea is based on a thought of umbrellas placed near your pool space. It makes your place like an outdoor lounge. It has a creative landscape that looks very captivating.

Exotic Pool
If you want something different than a tropical-themed pool, go for an exotic backyard pool idea. Contact a professional and experienced backyard designer who has worked on a variety of pool designing themes.

The surroundings of your pool area will be covered by natural and exotic stones to transform the backyard pool into a pool located at the tropical shore.

Ark Night Pools
If you have a restricted area in your backyard, the pool can be covered with some plants and bushes. This idea can be useful for turning your space into an unwinding place.

Long Island Pool
This idea is perfect for kids who like to play in swimming pools. This theme involves a small basketball ring placed just near the swimming pool, making it a great source of entertainment for kids.

At Fuggetta Pools, we have extensive experience in installing and repairing inground pools services. We also house a team of experienced and reputed backyard designers that have designed various pools and also provide custom designs. If you are interested in having a pool installed into your home, contact us at (718) 317-7665.

Backyard Pool Renovation Ideas That Will Make Your Backyard Look More Vibrant

Backyard Pool Renovation Ideas

Is your backyard pool renovation still due? Then this is the ideal time to give your backyard pool a revamp. Summers are here! It is the perfect time to go for a dip, and nothing is better than your own home pool that is aesthetically pleasing and vibrant.

Backyard pool renovation does not have to be a costly affair. One can make use of tips and tricks and increase its visual appeal. You can also appoint a professional company such as Fuggetta Pools to avoid the hassle and employ the help of experienced backyard pool service providers.

It is not a difficult task to convert your backyard into a retreat that you have always wished for. All you need to do is plan a bit and put a little thought into determining the type of backyard you want. There are a plethora of ideas that one can use in order to increase the aesthetic appeal of the backyard pool and make it a sight.

Not only does renovating your backyard makes it look more vibrant and appealing, it also plays a major role in increasing the overall value of the property.

At Fuggetta Pools, we possess a team of committed professionals who have years of experience in lending backyard pool renovation services. Apart from backyard pool services, we provide a wide array of services such as liner replacements, Inground pool renovation, floating liner correction, and much more. We use modern day methods and tools to impart best in the industry services to our clients.

Below mentioned are the top backyard pool renovation ideas that will make your backyard look more vibrant and appealing.

#1. Opt for outdoor kitchens: Who doesn’t like the ambience of an outdoor kitchen? Get a taste of nature and relish home-cooked authentic food by building an outdoor kitchen in your backyard. This is one of the most popular options amongst those who love to cook in the open and enjoy great company. Make the experience of your guests unforgettable with the outdoor kitchens.

#2. Install a patio deck: Patio decks can be an expensive option, but for some, having one installed in their backyard is a dream come true. Patio decks come in a wide variety that one can choose from. Having a patio deck will ensure maximum home appeal and is an element that you can happily show-off. Make your backyard space more attractive and pleasing with a patio deck.

#3. Make outdoor seating arrangements: It is essential to have a place in your backyard where you can sit. While purchasing traditional chairs just for convenience is one option, another option is to include modern seating arrangements. It will uplift the look of the entire setting significantly and help in creating a great first impression on anybody who visits your property. It is ideal for winter seasons as well as you can host a bonfire event with ample of sitting space in your backyard.

Fuggetta Pools has professional solutions for all your backyard pool renovation needs.  All you have to do is get in touch with our experts. We prioritize imparting top quality services at genuine prices.