What to Consider before Investing in Inground Vinyl Pool Liners?

inground pool liner installation

Swimming pools are a fantastic addition to the backyard of the house. You can use them to organize a party, relax and rejuvenate and have lunch with your loved ones. They not only enhance the curb appeal of your home but also increase the value of the home. After a certain time, you want to change the pool scenery. Thus, there is nothing better than inground vinyl pool liners in Staten Island. A pool liner that is budget-friendly and suits your needs, can be used for years.

Here are some tips by the expert pool service providers in Staten Island that must be kept in mind to choose the right inground pool liners:

Choose a tile: Tile is the first thing people look at when they look at your pool. They mimic stone patterns while others draw inspiration from the Mosaics. Others comprise ceramic and marble tiles. Go for something that resonates with your personality and makes you happy.

Texture: Texture is another aspect that must be kept in mind before investing in a pool liner. An inground vinyl pool liner feels good under the foot and provides a grip. Traction is offered in high traffic areas by vinyl liners. Safety is another aspect given by Inground vinyl pool liners in Staten Island and must not be neglected at any cost.

Thickness: Thick liner will be a better liner. A thick liner will experience cut or puncture less likely. Install it on the days when the breeze is warm as it will make it more pliable. Pattern liners come with multiple thicknesses. Buy the one that fits your budget.

Color: You would come across seamless color options which will leave you perplexed. You can select the right color based on how you want the overall pool to look. You can go for dark blueliners to make the pool shimmer and give it a beach look.

Keep the points mentioned above in mind before purchasing a pool liner in Staten Island. Give your pool a new and better look by installing inground vinyl pool liners in Staten Island. Attract more visitors. Safety is another crucial aspect that is provided by pool liners. These parameters will help you narrow down your choice and make a wise decision about the liners. Go for something you can use for a couple of years and affect the pool’s appearance.

Tips to Prevent & Remove Black Algae From Your Inground Pool

black algae in pool

Inground pool installation in your backyard should only become the reason for fun and enjoyment with your loved ones, not a hub of harmful, infectious organisms. Most people install inground swimming pool but fail to maintain and clean it, resulting in the growth of deadly organisms.

Black algae are one of them! It is a living organism that harbors on porous surfaces of the swimming pool. Black algae form black spots in your swimming pool. Usually, it settles into steps, corners, and other hard-to-access areas, and it can grow in the sun as well the shade.

You can also hire professionals for inground pool cleaning to ensure your pool is free from any organisms. We, at Fuggetta Pools, deal with various inground pool services from installation to safety and maintenance.

Black algae are not only the most aggressive form of pool algae, but it’s quite difficult to remove it. You can’t kill it by simply adding algaecide to your inground swimming pool.

There are two reasons why it is difficult to get rid of black algae.

  • It has deep roots that are firmly embedded in your pool surfaces.
  • It comes with a natural, protective layer, making it hard for chemicals to kill it.

Although removing black algae is difficult, it’s not impossible. With regular pool care and maintenance, you can get rid of black spots and prevent them from forming again.

Treating black algae – Since black algae are difficult to remove, so you need more a quick scrub down to get rid of it. Here’s how you can treat black algae from your inground pool installation.

  • Scrub your pool – Make sure you use a high-quality nylon brush to give a good scrub to remove black algae. Always choose something sturdy and tough if you want to take off the built-in protective layer. However, scrubbing the pool surface is not enough. Sometimes, black spots disappear, but there could be firmly embedded roots under the surface. Therefore, you need to perform one more step.
  • Use chlorine tablets – Take a chlorine tablet, break in two halves and rub directly on the pool surfaces that are affected by black algae. With this step, you can kill the roots and prevent it from coming back. You can also use granular chlorine to give a shock to your pool water and kill off bacteria.

Preventing black algae from coming back – If you want to prevent black algae from coming back into your pool, practice a regular pool maintenance routine. This includes regularly testing your water to ensure it is well-balanced.

Make use of test strips to check pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels, and make changes accordingly. Also, brush and vacuum your pool regularly and run the pump to remove debris and dirt.

Hopefully, now you know how to keep your inground pool free from black algae and other living organisms. Are searching for a company that deals in inground pool installation? Contact us at – 718-317-7665.

Trending Inground Pool Features of 2018

Trending inground pool features 2018

The summer in the New York is incomplete without spending a long weekend in the pool. The trending inground pool designs have never been more classy and chic.

From adding the innovative technology to the fire features for the night, the pool has become swankier. As leading inground pool contractors in New York City, we are working hard to give the best pool experience to our clients across the state. Are you curious about the latest trends?

Here are the trending pool features of 2018:

Dark colors are in for 2018
One of the leading trendings is the pool cool. Unlike the old color trends, dark pool colors are in. The dark pool liners and pool walls give water a serene appearance.

The dark pool colors also blend into the backyard landscapes making your pool experience a peaceful. The dark colors are relaxing in comparison with bright colors of the public pools and the bright hue of the water. Along with that, the dark color is energy saving as it absorbs the sun’s heat.

This makes your natural inground pool heat natural. The trending dark colors include:

  • Azure, Navy, and cobalt blue
  • Deep blues and sea greens to remind you of ocean
  • Greys and blacks, to bring in the look of a lagoon

Pool Automation
The pool technology has become smarter. Being a pool owner just got a lot better from last year. Automation equipment comes in the form of pool vacuums, water features, lightening and more.

You can control all the necessary thing of the pool from your smartphone or tablet.

The features you can control along with music and lights are:

  • Safety cover
  • Water features
  • Pump
  • Cleaning system
  • Temperature
  • Chemical levels

All you need to do is download the application on your phone. The automation software not only makes it easier for you to own an inground pool but also conserves the energy. You can even make the required adjustments when you are out of the home.

Sun Shelves
The sun shelves are shallow and flat ledges on the inferior side of the pool. These shelves are also known as Baja shelves or tanning ledges. The ledges are extremely versatile and easily accessible.

They are perfect for small children to play when parents enjoy the pool time. The sun shelves give a visual contrast to the depth of the pool. You can even use the shelves are the place to lounge in the pool.

The above mentioned inground pool trends are here to stay for a few years. The pools are an investment in your homes. Want to know more about inground pool trends?

Want to give your backyard a renovation? Contact our pool experts today! We are the leading inground pool contractors for the last 35 years in the state of New York.

How Inground Pools Boost The Overall Appeal of A House?

How Residential Pools Boost The Overall Appeal of A House?

The home is the most valuable and prettiest asset we own and this is the reason we leave no stone unturned when it comes to magnifying its beauty, charm, and comfort.

What is that one thing that adds all the three along with a lot of happiness? What is that one thing that makes a home go from ‘cool’ to ‘supercool’?

What is that one thing that makes people come to your place over and over again? Yes, you guessed it right! It is nothing but the pool of your house and if you haven’t got one, it’s time to contact the Inground Pool Service provider so that you can enjoy the following benefits.

Great Pleasure
Great pleasure is assured when you will be having a pool inside your home. You do not need to take out your car, travel in the traffic to reach the pool as all you gotta do is get out of your bed and jump in! Wow! Doesn’t this assure you a complete pleasure?

Great Family Time
A great family time is assured when you will be spending time in the pool and relaxing with your family members and friends. When you are inside the pool, you are at your mental best and happiness just leans in. This gets transferred to your family and vice-versa, eventually letting you have one of the best times.

Cleanliness In Hands
When you swim and go for the outside pools, you do not get assured of the cleanliness which is never the case with your own pool. The reason being you have full control of the cleanliness part of your pool.

If you do not wish to take any chance with the skin of your body including your family by going to the outside pools, it is always better to get one at home. Apart from this, the appeal of the home along with its value is increased greatly.

You can do much more than what we have just told you and we are very sure that you will do it too! So, what are you waiting for? Contact us for a top Inground Pool Service and get custom pools made as per your choice at the most pocket-friendly price ever!

Inground Pools by Fuggetta Contracting Corp. can be a great addition to your home. If you are looking forward to getting your custom home pool made, you can call us at +1 718-317-7665 for a free in-home estimate.

Ultimate Mini Guide to Inground Pool Types and Costs


The days are longer, the sun is high in the sky and weather is taking the turn towards the warmer weather. It is thus the pool season.

Whether it is an adult or a child, everyone’s favorite memory of summer is spending time in the pool with friends and family. Along with creating new memories, the swimming pool also increases the value of the pool.

As a homeowner, it is an arduous task to determine the types of pools you should add to your home. The swimming pools come in a variety of sizes and as experts in the swimming pool industry, we will help you choose the pool that suits your home perfectly.

How much does it cost to put in a pool?
The first things you know is the cost it takes to install a swimming pool in your home. On average a swimming pool costs $19,797 with $200 as lowest and $78,000 most expensive.

While the above ground pools are inexpensive, they are not the pools, a homeowner would want to invest in.

The above ground pools of high quality often become as expensive as high quality in ground pools.

In ground pools give your home a classy feeling and make your backyard look like an oasis.

Generally, the homeowners on average spend somewhere between $8,589 – $31,432. The amount is based on the size of the pool. There are various types of inground pool types that can be used and the cost of the pool depends upon it.

Different inground pool types
In ground pools are fashioned from a variety of materials such as fiberglass, concrete, and various alternative finishes.

The pools made from the fiberglass are sold as one piece shell and are installed in the same way. These pools are ready made and have a huge variety of size and shapes. These pools are generally installed in spas. The benches and steps are also installed by our experts to make the swimming easy.

The pools created using steel-reinforced concrete are most common materials used to create pools. Concrete is durable. It is also porous as it allows the shell to easily hold water, provide stability and can be easily replastered to add to its longevity.

The vinyl pools are lined with metal or plastic frames which are then set in the excavated hole. On the bottom of the vinyl, a bed of sand or any other alternative material is used. The top is held by the coping. This creates an attractive look for the pool as the edge also acts as a pool deck.

Alternative finish
Along with the above-mentioned materials various other materials are also used to give the pool a finished look. The materials can be tile, stones, glass and other textures fashioned by our experts. Pebble aggregate is one of the alternative finish that is becoming quite popular these days.

Want to know more about inground pool types and pool accessories? Call now for an information kit, or to speak with one of our experts today!

Vinyl liner pools: Advantages and Ownership

Vinyl liner pools

We all have been there. Wanting to enjoy the sweltering summer in the beautiful backyard pool. The allure of having a vinyl liner pool is very strong during these months as the temperature climb and the days lengthen. However, before you go in and buy the pool, you need to know whether you are cut out to be a pool owner:

Gathering spot for friends

Having a pool in the home means that your backyard would always be a gathering spot for friends and family. The pool keeps the children and the adults busy throughout the summer and gives them a way to spend their vacations safe. The pool also becomes a place for the adults to relax and enjoy.


Swimming is one of the most effective and low-impact workouts. It improves heart and lung capacity while lowering blood pressure and helping to improve any back pain. Exercising in the pool keeps you fit and helps to lose the weight.


One of the top reasons of having a pool is the convenience. Having a pool in your home means that you don’t have to carry a bag full of toys, make snacks and travel to the community center. At home, a swimming pool can be a playroom, gym and entertainment space for whole family.

Along with all these benefits, the pool ownership is still expensive. An above ground pool costs about a few thousand dollars. However, if you want a chic vinyl liner pool, it will cost you about $20,000 to $50,000 or more.

Adding more accessories means that you will be adding more price. If you can take the cost of installation and maintenance of the inground pools, then you should definitely opt for the vinyl liner pools. Remember that pool ownership is a huge responsibility and the majority of owners need to invest their own time and effort.

Want to know more about the ownership of vinyl liner pools? Contact Fuggetta Pools. They are the leading inground pool experts for last 35 years in the country.

Inground Pool Safety Covers: How to Choose the Right One

Pool Safety Covers

With the year almost coming to an end, it is time to shut the pool and winterproof it. As a homeowner, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that you close the pool with the right safety covers.

To keep the pool healthy in the offseason, you’ll have to clean the pool and follow a particular process to make sure it stays healthy. The winter chemicals need to be added and the pool needs to be covered.

One of the most important parts of winter proofing is to add inground pool safety covers. A pool cover ensures that not only your pool but the occupants of the house stay safe.

You don’t want pets, small children or the dirt and debris falling in your pool. However, how would you know what kind of pool cover should you use to cover your pool?

Types of pool covers

Solid Pool Covers
The solid covers are fashioned out from the solid vinyl and are laminated in the polyester fabric coated material. Solid covers offer full sunlight blockage with 100% prevention of algae development.

The water in the pool stays cleaner with the solid safety inground pool safety covers. They are more expensive and heavier than the mesh covers.

To remove the collected water, the solid pool cover has a mesh drain in the center that is fashioned from the fine mesh fabric. It filters out the water collected on the top of the cover. However, the drainage of water is quite slow.

Mesh Pool Covers
The mesh safety covers are constructed out of the polypropylene mesh fabric. They are a whole lot cheaper than the solid inground pool safety covers.

As they are created from mesh, they are extremely light, easy to install, and solve the problem of standing water.

However, if you are considering using mesh pool cover, you will need to vacuum the pool (for algae) when you open it as the mesh allows sunlight to filter which in return creates algae.

Hybrid inground pool safety covers are the newest pool covers in the market. They are a unique amalgamation of solid and mesh pool covers. The draining system has the mesh covers which make the drainage extremely fast.

Just like the solid pool cover, it blocks the sunlight and UV rays. The mesh used is extremely tightly woven and fine. This makes sure that no debris and dust enter the pool.

Your pool cover selection would be the first thing that would keep your pool safe in the off-season and ready for the upcoming season. Believe us, you don’t want any floating pool liners or algae in your pool.

Do you want to select the right inground pool safety covers? Want to get the winter-proofing done by the professionals?

Contact us! At Fuggetta Pools, we will help you winterproof your pool and keep it in pristine condition.

Reasons Why You Should Get a Vinyl Liner Pool

Reasons Why You Should Get a Vinyl Liner Pool

One of the most common swimming pools in the country is vinyl liner pool. It is a prefabricated pool which only takes a week for the installation. It stays for decades and with proper care can become the focal point of a house in on as well as off season. If you are one of sceptics, let us tell you why you need a vinyl pool in your backyard:

The vinyl pool liner has the lowest installation and initial cost. This is due to the fact that the material cost for the building of the pool is extremely low along with the labor costs. The vinyl liner pool installation and initial cost fall between the range of 20k to 40k. However, you have to opt for the right kind of pool and its corresponding patio design first.

Pool Liners
While some people believe that the vinyl pool liners have their drawbacks, the biggest and most important advantage is that these liners are not rough under the feet. Along with it, these pool liners do not harbor algae growth. The non-porous surface of the liners promotes less chemical use in the on season and saves money.

The best part about the vinyl liner pools is that it can be customized any way the homeowners want. No matter the shape or size, with vinyl pool liners you get what you want. From Roman, Grecian to L shaped or edgy pool designs, you get what you want. The vinyl pools also offer an enormous range of choices in terms of patterns, colors, and thickness.

Long lasting
Installed right, the vinyl pool liner stays in for a long time and increases the value of the house. With time, all you need is to replace the liner and take appropriate care of your pool. WIth off-season, opt to cover the pool with pool covers and with every on season, hire the experts to clean and maintain the pool.

The vinyl pool comes with the warranty for the repair. As the pool in an investment in your home, it is a way to ensure that your money does not go to any waste. The pool liner warranty is given by the manufacturer and the installer.

Want to know more about the pool safety covers? Consult Fuggetta Pools. They are the leading inground pool experts for last 35 years in the country.

The Necessity of Having a Pool Safety Cover

floating liners correction staten island

It is extremely necessary to have pool safety cover in the inground pool. In the offseason it is the pool covers that prevent any damage happening to the pool. If the cover is properly installed, it ensures that the pool is protected from all the elements that can harm it.

Why should you opt for the pool safety cover?

  • Lessens evaporation
    Whether it is on season or off season, the pool is exposed to the air and evaporation happens. This leads high water costs. As the inground pools need to have a certain level of water even in offseason, the ever happening evaporation can lead to problems with the pool lining. Any pool elements that are exposed to air due to lower water level would result in damage. Even the tiles and vinyl can crack and become brittle.
  • Heat retention
    The pool safety cover not just keeps the pool safe but keeps the water warm. The pool cover retains the heat and makes sure that water stays warm. This feature is best for the people who don’t have heated pools. Even for those with heater, the cover will lessen the cost of electricity.
  • Keeps the pool debris free
    A clean pool is a safe pool. The pool safety cover ensures that there are no twigs, leaves, or any other debris present in the pool. Any present debris makes the pool any easy target for the algae and other bacteria forms to grow. This leads to staining of pool liner, smelly and dirty water, and reason for numerous other health risks.
  • Off-season protection
    Once the hot days of summer are done, the pool retires for the season. If you live in the area where it snows in the winter, you will know that freezing water causes extreme damage to the pool liner. The pool safety cover ensures that the pool remains in good shape for the summers.
  • Lessens chemical consumption
    A covered pool lessens the use of chemicals in the pool. When in use, the chemical needs to be put in regularly to keep the water fresh and clean. The pool cover in winter cuts down on the chemical use.

Want to know more about the pool safety covers? Consult Fuggetta Pools. They are the leading inground pool experts for last 35 years in the country.

Spruce up Your Home with These Small Backyard Pool Ideas

backyard pool renovations staten island

Thinking of sprucing up your backyard? Try adding a swimming pool. However, if you have a small backyard, don’t just give up on the idea.

There are incredible small backyard pool ideas that are perfect for small backyards.

Despite its small size, a small swimming pool can be an amazing addition to the backyard. It is perfect to keep family as well as guests entertained.

While installing an indoor pool in a small backyard, it is important that you consider the variety of sizes, shapes, and designs available in the market before selecting one.

A swimming pool, albeit a small one provides a lot of fun and enjoyment for the family.

It is a great way to get refreshed in the hot summers without going to the crowded public pools. Moreover, with a personal backyard pool, you can design it according to your taste.

Why should you consider a small swimming pool?

If you think that a small backyard won’t look good with a swimming pool, then you are absolutely wrong.

A swimming pool can be added even in the smallest of the backyards. All you need is an expert who can give you the right small backyard pool ideas.

But before you call it rubbish, let us tell you all the amazing benefits of small swimming pools.

Big pool means more money on installation. When an in-ground pool is installed, the ground needs to be worked on.

In a small backyard, the pool will be designed and customized according to the backyard. This means low cost of digging and low cost of installing the pool.

Customized shape and size
A small backyard will not work with the standard rectangle or square pools. According to the backyard, the pool’s design will have to be created custom.

In small backyards, inground pools work the best as they can be created custom according to the owner’s needs. The family’s small backyard pool ideas can be easily incorporated into the development.

Along with the installation costs, the maintenance cost of a small backyard pool is very economical.

A small pool especially if it is indoors will save the cost of the upkeep on the pool. Little to no debris will also keep the pool in pristine condition in the offseason.

Temperature control
Small swimming pools are an investment. Generally, all pools are equipped with temperature control.

In case of bigger swimming pools, it becomes expensive to warm the pool for the off-season and thus, people prefer to cover pools during winters.

However, small swimming pools have no such problem. Small swimming pools can be heated quickly and used in all seasons. This allows you to get a full return on your investment.

Looking for small backyard pool ideas to transform your backyard? Let us help you out. At Fuggetta Pools, we can offer you a customized pool that will transform your home and backyard.