Before The Winter Hits Get Your Pool Serviced

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Before The Winter Hits Get Your Pool Serviced

Although the warmer weather has come and gone, many pool owners wouldn’t think that their pool would need to be serviced or maintained once the temperature drops. The reality of the matter is that you would want to make sure your pool is properly maintained because improper pool maintenance would lead to you not being able to enjoy it when summer returns. Having routine pool services will ensure that you can save time from any costly mistakes that might arise if you do not have your pool regularly maintained. Fuggetta Pools has been offering pool repair services in Staten Island and throughout New York.

There are plenty of projects our pool service experts at Fuggetta Pools are equipped to handle. While there are some tasks pool owners could complete on their own, we understand that our customers are busy and might not have the time to perform a task on their own. When you call one of our experts we can come over and perform any pool service task that you might need to be done for your pool so it is ready to be used again the following summer.

Some of the services we offer are pool repairs, pool water testing, and pool cleaning. We will remove debris from the pool, check the filters, check the water levels, and will be able to balance the chemicals in your pool if needed. We can also test the water in your pool if you feel uncertain about the process, making sure that the chemicals in your pool are balanced and at the correct levels. The pool professionals at Fuggetta will make sure to make the proper adjustments when performing the task or any pool services in your Staten Island pool.

Is your Staten Island pool in need of repair services? At Fuggetta we advise that our customers do not attempt to repair their pool without the help of a professional. Our pool repair experts are highly trained to assess the situation and inform our customers about what sort of repairs your pool might need and how they plan to fix it. It is why we recommend that you contact a professional before trying to fix something on your own because sometimes a small repair could become exacerbated and it could lead to a more costly repair down the line.

Fuggetta Pools is one of the leading experts in pool repair services in Staten Island. We will guarantee that your pool is properly maintained and repaired so that by the time summer rolls around next year all you’ll have to do is enjoy your pool and work on your tan. Call us today to see what pool services we can offer you.

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