Thinking About a Home Pool? Check Out the Pros and Cons

Thinking About a Home Pool? Check Out the Pros and Cons
Thinking About a Home Pool? Check Out the Pros and Cons

Do you envision making your backyard a perfect place to relax? The idea of having an inground pool in your backyard can be very attractive as it can provide a long summer enjoyment, increase the value of your property, and become a new place for family get-togethers. We have been turning these dreams into reality for over 35 years here at Fuggetta Pools. 

Below are the pros and cons of having a pool, which will assist you in making the right decision depending on your needs.

The Pros of Owning a Home Pool

1. Enhanced Lifestyle and Entertainment

An inground pool converts your backyard into a center of attraction for social functions. It is ideal for pool parties, family functions, or any occasion. It is also ideal to swim in the pool during hot, sunny days. Apart from the basic structures such as spillover spas, sundecks, and bar stools, your pool area can be made to fit any occasion or age, making it appealing to both adults and children.

2. Health and Fitness Benefits

Swimming is a good form of exercise that causes less pressure on the joints and is good for the heart, muscles, and bones. Swimming at home is convenient because it allows you to swim regularly without necessarily enrolling in a gym or a public facility.

3. Increased Property Value

An inground pool, when well-designed and well-maintained, will add value and appeal to your home and increase the market value of the house. Pools are considered to be one of the luxurious amenities, and people would be willing to pay more for a house that already has a pool, let alone if the pool has a salt system or automated controls.

4. Aesthetic Appeal

An attractive pool is not only functional but can also be an attractive feature that enhances the appearance of your backyard. The addition of waterfalls, fire features, and custom lighting means that your pool is not just a simple addition but a piece of art that extends the beauty of your backyard.

5. Family Bonding and Fun

Pools are a great place for families to spend time together and have fun while enjoying the warm sun. From water classes for children to swimming with your family at night, a pool is a place that fosters entertainment and can help families get closer.

The Cons of Owning a Home Pool

1. High Initial Cost

The cost of installing an inground pool may be high in the beginning and can be a major expense. Costs are significant and depend on the size, design, and additional options of the pool. At Fuggetta Pools, we consider ourselves to be an installation company that provides excellent installations for its clients; however, prospective pool owners should be ready to spend their money.

2. Ongoing Maintenance and Repairs

Swimming pools need to be cleaned so that they can be used by people without posing any health risks. This entails cleaning, chemical treatment, and opening and closing in spring and autumn. Also, the costs can be increased in the long term due to repairs like liner replacements or floating liner corrections.

3. Increased Utility Costs

Operating a pool will definitely cause an increase in the amount of money spent on utilities such as water, electricity, and heating. If you make use of features such as pool heaters or automated systems a lot, then these costs can be even higher.

4. Safety Concerns

Security is another factor that you should consider while owning a pool, especially if you have kids or pets at home. While safety fences, safety covers, and alarms eliminate certain risks, they cannot be relied on exclusively, as they require regular monitoring to avoid mishaps. Here at Fuggetta Pools, we provide several options for ensuring your family’s safety while swimming.

5. Potential for Space Consumption

A pool occupies a considerable part of yard space and may leave very little space for other activities or the installation of other features, such as plants. When choosing a layout, it is important to consider the overall design and how the pool will fit into the overall landscape and design of the space.

Making the Decision

Home pool installation is a big decision, and it must be taken with all the important points in mind. The pleasures and advantages of owning a pool can be enormous, as a pool adds a touch of luxury to your home. However, one has to take into account all the expenses, necessary care, and obligations that it requires.

Fuggetta Pools is always ready to help you with every stage of constructing a pool, from the initial design to the construction and even the maintenance. This has made us the best backyard pool contractors for many years, guaranteeing you high-quality workmanship and beautifully finished space.

Ready to dive in? For more information about our services and to get started on your dream pool project, please call us at 718-317-7665. It’s time to make your dream come true and design an exceptional pool environment that will provide comfort and pleasure for many years.